William Henry Special Edition Pikatti B04 Waterfall Knife

Special Edition Pikatti B04 Waterfall : Stainless 'Dot Matrix' Damascus Blade, Heat-blued 'Croc Skin' Damascus Frame, Gold Lip Pearl Scale, Sapphire Gemstone

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Manufacturer William Henry
SKU 5601152
Collection Pikatti


Pikatti is an Eskimo word that means companion - each of these pocket knives is intended to serve as a faithful tool to help with the tasks of every day life. This design is conceived and crafted as functional jewelry; a rugged one-hand button lock mechanism, superlative blade steels, and exquisite handle materials are integrated in a seamless array of color, texture and pattern. Each Pikatti is compact and lightweight for daily carry in the pocket or purse, but robust enough for a lifetime of daily use.

William Henry crafts each tool as a distinct piece of art - the goal is to build the finest knife possible, using any means available, with an eye towards excellence above all else. To that end, we integrate a variety of modern technologies into a component manufacturing system; laser cutters, waterjets, blanking presses, CNC machines, Swiss screw machines, vacuum chamber ovens, and other specialized tools are employed to turn raw materials into precision components. From there the exceptional craftspeople at the studio take over, working with hand-selected sets of components to build knives, one a time, that measure to the highest standards of fit, finish, and function. The hands and eyes at work on each piece impart warmth, elegance, even a soul, to each piece we produce. William Henry's magic is in creating a whole that can be more than the sum of its parts, each piece a unique and timeless testament to quality where art and utility merge into one. Every knife in the Pikatti Collection, every piece shown in this catalog, every piece we ship, is created through our unique synthesis of technology and craft.

Every knife includes our ostrich leather ClipCase and a braided lanyard with sterling or gold fittings to match. Each piece is engraved with two distinct numbers - a serial number on the blade and limited edition number on the leading edge of the handle. The numbers, along with the details about the knife's construction, are listed in the included Certificate of Authenticity.

William Henry offers a lifetime warranty on all their work. Please read the following limitations carefully, and follow the recommendations for your specific WH tool as listed in the reverse side of this Certificate of Authenticity.

William Henry guarantees their workmanship and the performance of your tool provided it is used in an appropriate manner. All pocket knives are designed and built as fine cutting tools, nothing more or less. Prying, hacking, chiseling, digging, etc, are not cutting, and will void the warranty. The pens are intended as writing instruments, and any other use will void the warranty. Quite simply, using William Henry for something other than it was designed, or dissembling any part of a William Henry, will void the warranty.

William Henry strives to build the finest pieces we can imagine, for a lifetime of use and beyond, and we will work to ensure your satisfaction with their products. William Henry reserves he right to evaluate, repair, and/or replace any warranty issues that may arise.

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