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William Henry Spearpoint B12 1112 Tribal Knife

Spearpoint B12 1112 Tribal : Stainless 'Typhoon' Damascus Blade, Hand-carved Sterling Silver with Inset Colored Sapphire Frame, Hand-carved Mother of Pearl Scale/Inlay, Corundum Ruby Gemstone, One Hand Button Lock Mechanism

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Manufacturer William Henry
SKU 5601433
Collection Spearpoint


A remarkable design that traces back to the first months of William Henry, the Spearpoint gives you a full-size secure grip, with a versatile deep-belly blade, in a package that is small enough to carry on a daily basis. Equally loved for its utility and its robust style, this design epitomizes William Henry’s core philosophy – that superlative function deserves to be elevated to superlative art.

The Spearpoint, like every pocket knife we produce, uses a mix of custom fittings to ensure a durable assembly. Each microscrew, designed right down to the shape of the head, is made from stainless steel or titanium (stainless show silver, titanium generally are color-anodized in our shop).

The pivot and locking button are machined from a surgical stainless steel that isheat-treated for exceptional wear over time. Internally, each threaded spacer and stop pin is made from stainless steel, and there are special Teflon bushings around the pivot to ensure smooth rotating action of the blade from close to open and back. Each of the pocket clips is made from titanium, while the lanyard bail (where applicable) is crafted from either sterling silver or 14K gold.

The button securely locks the blade open and ‘detents’ the blade closed – this detent keeps the blade secure in the handle, but allows for the user to override and open the blade easily with one hand using the thumbstud. Both the locking button and the thumbstud are inlaid with a variety of bezel-set and cabochon gems to compliment the other materials on each knife design.

At final assembly, each threaded component is installed with ‘thread-lock’ and adjusted to optimum tension for a lifetime of daily use.

Each knife in the Spearpoint Collection includes either a titanium pocket clip or a lanyard system – the lanyard system also includes an Ostrich leather ClipCase carrying system. Every piece is engraved with two distinct numbers – a serial number on the blade and limited edition number on the leading edge of the handle. The numbers, along with the details about the knife’s construction, are listed in the included Certificate of Authenticity.

William Henry offers a lifetime warranty on all their work. Please read the following limitations carefully, and follow the recommendations for your specific WH tool as listed in the reverse side of this Certificate of Authenticity.

William Henry guarantees their workmanship and the performance of your tool provided it is used in an appropriate manner. All pocket knives are designed and built as fine cutting tools, nothing more or less. Prying, hacking, chiseling, digging, etc, are not cutting, and will void the warranty. The pens are intended as writing instruments, and any other use will void the warranty. Quite simply, using William Henry for something other than it was designed, or dissembling any part of a William Henry, will void the warranty.

William Henry strives to build the finest pieces we can imagine, for a lifetime of use and beyond, and we will work to ensure your satisfaction with their products. William Henry reserves he right to evaluate, repair, and/or replace any warranty issues that may arise.

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