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Types of Bracelets

Women's Bracelets

Bracelets make a great accessory to go with virtually any outfit. They can help you “dress up”, express yourself, or timeless a bold (or subdued) statement. Bracelets have evolved over the years, with new styles and types having been brought from conception to design and available for purchase. This makes the shopping experience an adventure worth exploring.

Gold, silver, chains, elastic, rubber, the options are as creative and diverse as those who wear them. In fact, bracelets are unique in that they are gender-fluid and have been a socially adopted form of jewelry for both men and women alike.

In this guide, the team at Windsor Fine Jewelers we’ll help you take a look at the top ten bracelet styles in order to help you find one that best fits the look you’re hoping to achieve.

Bracelet Types

When it comes to bracelets, the options are virtually endless. From classic timeless designs, to bold and eccentric modern art, there’s no doubt a piece is out there perfectly suited to fit your tastes and personal style.

Below we’ll cover the top 10 kinds of bracelets to consider for your next addition…

1. Bangle Bracelets

Gold Bangle Bracelet

This style comes from the Indian subcontinent. Bangle bracelets are traditionally worn by women and is usually rigid and made from metal, wood, glass, or in some cases, plastic. They can include charms and colors to accent the jewelry.

2. Cuff Bracelets

Woven Silver Cuff Bracelet

Unlike bangles that are a closed circle, cuff bracelets do not close. There is a gap located on one side that allows the metal or wood to rest on the wrist. Depending on the material used, cuffs can sometimes be adjusted to fit. This is usually a one-time adjustment so that the bracelet doesn’t need to be bent before every occasion you opt to wear it.

3. Charm Bracelets

Sterling Silver Charm Bracelet

Charm bracelets come in a wide range of styles, and are a timeless classic as far as bracelets are concerned. What makes this piece unique are the various trinkets and charms that dangle from the bracelet itself. This type of jewelry is usually personalized with charms that reflect things that are personal to the wearer. For example, some will collect charms of their favorite animals, the birthstones of their children, or even miniature photo lockets.

4. Gemstone Bracelets

Gold and Blue Topaz Gemstone Bracelet

Gemstone bracelets, as the name suggests, are adorned with gemstones. They are usually metal and will include one or more gemstones embedded in, or otherwise attached to the bracelet itself. There are several options when considering the type of stone(s) you want to use. One common option is opting for your birthstone when choosing a gemstone bracelet.

5. Tennis Bracelets

Gold Tennis Bracelet

This style is usually crafted to display a delicate row of diamonds on a flexible gold setting. It may include multiple rows of diamonds or just a single diamond or gemstone in a gold setting. Other common stones tennis bracelets are adorned with include sapphire and ruby, but the options don’t stop there.

6. Link Bracelets

Sterling Silver Link Bracelet

This kind of bracelet is unique as far as bracelets are concerned. Link bracelets are metallic and made by connecting different chains to form a single piece of jewelry. The chained metallic strands may be made up of small to large-sized links, with some sporting little trinkets that are hung from the chain.

7. Leather Bracelets

This style is widely accepted and worn by both males and females in both formal and informal settings. Leather bracelets are commonly made of one solid piece of leather that is stamped or carved with a design. It is also not uncommon to find jewels or metal designs set into the leather, or even holes punched through to allow for dangling trinkets.

8. Beaded Bracelets

Beads used for this style are typically made from glass, plastic, or stone. Beaded bracelets are designed to have a solid row of beads that are usually strung through an elastic, string, or leather piece in order to hold them in place. Worn by both men and women, this kind of jewelry is very versatile. Beads come in an assortment of colors and designs, making personalizing a breeze.

9. Stretch Bracelets

Stretch bracelets are a casual, sporty and unique option. They are usually made from rubber, elastic or other synthetic material and slide over the hand onto the wrist. They made a resurgence in popularity during the “Live Strong” campaign but have since taken on a new life of their own. They are a popular option among athletes as well as those allergic to metals.

10. Wrist-Watch Bracelets

This style consists of a strap, band, or bracelet that has the face of a watch attached to it. Sometimes they are made out of leather, plastic, rubber, cloth, or metal. This type of jewelry is both a fashion statement as well as a functional device.

Something For Everyone

Nothing accentuates and complements an outfit quite like jewelry. The right bracelet can make a statement while allowing you to express your own uniqueness and personality. It can draw attention away from or to yourself or your outfit, and can be bold and loud, or elegant and subdued.

Given the range of styles, one of the most challenging aspects of finding the right bracelet may just be picking out a favorite. Prices can vary depending on what materials you are looking for but the nice thing about this piece of jewelry is that there are options available at virtually every price point.