The Windsor Green Box

The 3rd annual hunt for the Green Box. Quite a few of you already take part in the event, but here is a recap for what happens and how you can play.

For 8 weeks we hide a Green Box somewhere in the city. Once a week it is hidden, if you find the box you get a specific piece of jewelry for the week that is valued at $1500 or more. These boxes are not easy to find, many locals try to find them, but only a few succeed. It’s quite a badge of honor to find the Green Box. In the past, the Green Box has been mostly found in areas that have held some sort of local significance. That will not always be the case. Even though the clues could reference history or relevance related to a privately owned location, the box will not be on private property. If the property is not publically owned, the location will be legally accessible to the public.

How do you play?
Once a box is out, we’ll give daily clues until some lucky person finds it. You can find the first clue on every Friday starting on Nov. 1st via facebook or we can send the clue straight to your email address if you submit it below.

Diamonds Sold in 2013

Here’s the cool part that you really do not want to miss, each week features a different jewelry designer that we carry in our store (the designer corresponds with the piece being given away that week). If you come into the store and try on a piece from that designer, we give you the clue for next day in advance. Come in each day, get the next day’s clue. Please don’t think that you need to purchase something when you come in for the clue, we consider it an opportunity for you to meet and interact with our team. Many boxes are found by box hunters that come in for that clue in advance.

Every game has a few rules, our rules are listed below.
1.) Only one box can be found per household family, per year.
2.) No taking photos of the in-store clue.
3.) Be kind and respectful to places that you search and the people around you.
4.) We don’t tolerate bickering/complaining/accusing on our social media regarding the event.

The vast majority of our staff do not know the box’s location, though it is kind to offer them things in exchange for information… it will not help. That includes contacting the store for more details regarding a clue or messaging us online. Our hiding places will not put box hunters in danger, but please use caution and be careful. If we give an extra clue, like a general area that the box can be found, it will be publicly announced.

If you would like to keep up with which box we are on and the boxes of the past, take a look at our news area.