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Scott Kay Cobalt 7mm "Code" Bevel Band Size 10

The Code of Honor. Throughout time, honor has been a driving force behind the actions of men. Honor, and the actions that define honor, come in many forms - it can be as simple as keeping a small promise to a loved one, to heroic, like risking one's life to save another. Regardless of which, both represent a simple code between people - a code that says "I'm counting on you". Codes of honor are often represented by symbols, and the Code line of cobalt wedding rings represents that honor. It conveys a trust and love that will last a lifetime. The Code collection is available in three styles, engraved with either "GOD", "HONOR" or "STRENGTH" on the face of the ring. These words may have a different meaning among those who wear it, but the underlying theme is clear: A person of strong character does the honorable thing, no matter what the personal cost.
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