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Scott Kay Cobalt 7mm "Code" Bevel Band Size 10

The Code of Honor. Throughout time, honor has been a driving force behind the actions of men. Honor, and the actions that define honor, come in many forms - it can be as simple as keeping a small promise to a loved one, to heroic, like risking one's life to save another. Regardless of which, both represent a simple code between people - a code that says "I'm counting on you". Codes of honor are often represented by symbols, and the Code line of cobalt wedding rings represents that honor. It conveys a trust and love that will last a lifetime.

The Code collection is available in three styles, engraved with either "GOD", "HONOR" or "STRENGTH" on the face of the ring. These words may have a different meaning among those who wear it, but the underlying theme is clear: A person of strong character does the honorable thing, no matter what the personal cost.

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SKU 1001037
Manufacturer Scott Kay Bridal
Metal Cobalt
Ring Size 10


For 25 years, Scott Kay has been acclaimed the foremost authority in bridal and fine fashion jewelry. Industry polls confirm Scott Kay is the number one best-selling bridal brand. Credited for the platinum resurgence in America, Scott Kay's platinum artisanship is applied to every metal he designs with, perhaps most evident in the world's largest selection of cuffwear. Fellow celebrities often are adorned by Scott Kay. Each hand-perfected fine fashion design is made with the same platinum-smith techniques and offered in "Art of Man" hand-woven wristwear, neckwear, cuffwear, key fobs and more. You must see and feel a Scott Kay design for yourself to truly experience the precision and intricate features within each and every hand forged selection. Scott Kay's vast popularity is due in part to an intense passion and focus in everything he touches. The result is the finest jewelry available.

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