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Popular Engagement Ring Styles for 2022

Engagement rings represent unity, commitment, and everlasting love. But unlike your unwavering love for the recipient, the styles of engagement rings come and go like the waning moon. Because of this, if you happen to be in the market for an engagement ring this year, it's important to know what the popular styles and trends are—just like fashion trends. This is especially true if the one you’re giving it to has their eyes set on something trendy and unique.

At Windsor Fine Jewelers we offer a wide range of engagement rings spanning a virtually endless array of styles, from elegant and understated, to modern and boisterous, we can help match you with a ring that fits your desired style, personality, and budget.

To help kick your creative thought process into high gear, below we’ll cover a few of the most popular engagement ring styles for 2022…

Here Are 3 Popular Engagement Ring Styles for 2022


The Halo isn’t new at all, yet this classical design is making a comeback in a big way. Having made its debut in the 1920s, Halo styled rings have done what others have not: withstood the test of time.

Halos, as the name suggests, are small diamonds that surround a larger main gemstone, framing and accentuating it—they add sparkle to the ring while giving it a larger than life appearance. Halos can border any main stone shape or cut, but princess cut, round, oval, and pear shapes are complemented best by the halo design. Halos allow for the ring to sparkle no matter what angle it is viewed from.

Three Stone Rings

The three-stone ring style comes in a variety of options as unique as the individual who will wear it. Traditionally, the ring features a central stone that is flanked by one or two stones on either side of it. These stones can differ in size, type of gem, color, shape, and more, making the three stone design a very customizable option that allows for a mix of gemstones and colors.

Three stone rings often have a princess cut diamond as the center stone. Rubies, sapphires, emeralds and other colored gemstones are popular choices for the flank stones and gives the engagement ring a pop of color. Three stone rings are currently “in”, popularized in media with even Prince Harry having proposed to Meghan Markle using a ring mounted with three sparkling diamonds.

Eternity Bands

Unlike the traditional yellow gold or silver bands with a main diamond center stone, eternity bands take a unique approach that has caught the eyes and hearts of couples in 2022. Eternity bands come in a variety of designs, with some of the most popular being an entire band lined with small diamonds that can be in different shapes. These are good options for women (or men) who want a ring that doesn't lay heavy on the finger or individuals can't wear a large diamond at work. A statement band is non-traditional and is totally customizable and there are diamond alternatives.

Closing Thoughts on Engagement Ring Styles for 2022

The ring styles in this guide represent just a few of the popular engagement ring styles for 2022. These three specific styles have a lot of room for custom design, allowing our jewelers to customize the stone shape, color, size, etc.

In the end, the style most suitable for your future life-partner will be a very personalized choice. Let our expert jewelers at Windsor Fine Jewelers help you explore all that we have to offer. Call us at (706) 738-7777. This is an incredibly exciting time in your life and one that we can’t wait to help you make perfect. If you are interested in visiting our jewelry store, it's located at 2635 Washington Road, Augusta, GA 30904.