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Learn About Roberto Jewelry History

Robert Coin is a brand inspired and driven by an innate love and passion for both art and fashion. The brand, which shares its name with the founder, Roberto Coin, has stood the test of time, representing the embodiment of the quintessential Italian fine jeweler since 1977.

Known for melding tradition with a modern twist and an element of sophistication, Roberto Coin Jewelry rose from humble beginnings to ranking among the world’s most renowned jewelry designers.

A Brief History of Roberto Coin Jewelry

Born on July 25th, 1944, in Vicenza, Italy, little Robert Coin entered the world full of hope and promise, enjoying the usual comforts of childhood. However, with the tragic loss of his father, Coin’s childhood would be abruptly turned on its head at the young age of seven. A few short years later (at the age of 11) Coin was sent to attend boarding school in Switzerland. There he was trained in and learned the hotel trade. Roberto remained at the institution, later earning a diploma from the esteemed L’Ecole Hotelier de Lausanne.

With a move to England, at 18 Roberto worked as an assistant manager at a leading hotel in Guernsey Island, C.I. Both capable and ambitious, having earned his place in the world, Roberto sought out the path of entrepreneurship, and at the young age of 24 had already become a famous Channel Island hotelier.

A Turn in the Road

At the age of 32 he returned to his place of birth, and in Italy, founded the now infamous Roberto Coin brand in 1977. For nearly a decade Roberto dedicated his life and passion to learning his craft, and in 1984 began producing jewelry for other Italian brands who stood on the shoulders of Roberto’s work to earn their own international acclaim.

A Signature Style Like no Other 

Having helped countless brands earn recognition on the back of his own creative work and effort, in 1996 Roberto Coin launched its very own brand. This bold move put Roberto Coin on the map as an innovator in old-world Italian craftsmanship melded with modern technique and flair.

Creativity, a unique approach to his pieces, and a style like no other quickly earned Roberto Coin a place among the world’s most renowned Italian jewelers. Each Roberto Coin Earring, necklace, bracelet and ring embodies a unique blend of culture, ethnic influences, inspiration from nature and more. Roberto’s ability to symbolize a journey, capture an emotion, and tell a story with each piece characterizes the collection’s identity.

An Identifiable Touch Hidden in Each Piece

A unique and notable attribute of each Roberto Coin piece is an exclusive ‘signature’ mark like no other. Hidden on the inside of each piece of jewelry is a small, delicately embedded ruby. This hallmark of Coin’s was inspired by ancient Egyptian history and myth. In ancient Egyptian culture, rubies were considered to be magical gems, imparting health, happiness and longevity on the wearer. 

Unrelenting Passion for Developing New Models and Pushing the Boundaries of Fine Jewelry

Recognized as the author of some of the jewelry world’s most interesting trends, Coin’s relentless pursuit of jewelry as an artform leads him to create over 600+ new models every year. The diversity of his collections regularly garners critical acclaim in international markets around the world. Today, Roberto Coin’s collections can be purchased in over 1000 shops worldwide.