Learn About John Hardy Jewelry Collections

A Dive Into the History of John Hardy Jewelry: a unique Balinese collection 

John Hardy Bracelet

Canadian native and promising art student John Hardy took a leap of faith in 1975, making a bold move to Bali. Drawn by the nation’s simple way of life, energy and culture, it was there where this artist began to learn traditional jewelry-making techniques from local natives.

It was during this time that Hardy was taken under the wings of a master artisan following in the path of their goldsmithing ancestors. This master artisan descended from the island’s goldsmiths serving the former royal courts with jewelry including Ukiran (cut work), Jawan (granulation), Tenun (woven mesh), and Rantai (woven chain).

Highly sought after for it’s Balinese pedigree, unique artistry, and exotic appeal, jewelry created in this style often features age old symbolism and ancient cultural motifs wrapped and inspired in rich cultural heritage and indigenous tradition.

It was out of this tradition in artistry, tradition and craftsmanship that inspired Hardy to establish the John Hardy brand. Launched in 1989, this brand embodied and melded together luxury and environmentalism. Gemstones utilized in the collection are and have always been ethically sourced and procured.

Timeless Pieces that Tell a Story 

Each piece in the collection, from John Hardy bracelets and John Hardy earrings, to necklaces, John Hardy rings and more has a story to tell. The collection is known for its bold, powerful and inspiring designs, cuts and gems. Inspired by nature, each piece delicately flows and curves, embodying elements of nature and flora. 

Each piece is work of art developed with a synergy of design and artistry. Handcrafted with delicacy, care and precision, each piece can take between 3-10 months for completion. Leveraging skills passed down from generation to generation, every piece is made with love and a true passion for the craft.

The Creative Process – a look behind the curtain 

1. Initial Concept and Sketch: Where creativity and collaboration meld with traditional style and motifs to conceptualize an initial design.

2. Pencil and Watercolor (or Gouache) Rendering: A colorful and conceptual rendering of the potential final product.

3. Wax Carving: A 3D mold of the piece in preparation for a cast. At this stage, final alterations and modifications can be made.

4. Master Casting: This primary cast will be used to create the raw output of the piece before cutting and finishing.

5. Wax Tree

6. Molding: from Environmentally Sustainable alluvial-sourced gold or sterling silver

7. Hand-Cutting: Each mold is then meticulously cut to spec by hand.

8. Hand-Finishing: The final touches and finishing stage, transforming the already impressive jewelry into an embodiment of true perfection. 

John Hardy Signature Pieces 

The Hardy collection is marked by its rich texture and interesting contrast created by natural oxidation of sterling silver. Here we highlight some of the collections signature pieces and styles.

The Classic Chain 

Timeless and perfect for virtually any occasion, the ‘classic’ chain utilizes a special weave and braiding of links in styles ranging from understated and delicate, to bold and dramatic. The classic chain’s original design takes a lengthy 4-hours per inch to craft, while the ‘reversible’ version, fashioned from a combination of sterling silver and 18K gold, takes an incredible 10-12 hours to create per each woven inch of chain.

The Modern Chain

Sleek, contemporary, powerful and sophisticated are just a few words used to describe these wearable works of art. Using the classic chain design as a foundation for inspiration, the modern chain adds a new world flair to traditional design.


Experience the interaction of light and pattern in this modern Jazz Age inspired collection. Hand-applied, flattened smooth balls lend an air of understated glamor and energy.


What was once old is now new with the Heritage collection. These pieces give timeless classic designs a modern flair.


The essence of nature and earthy tones are hallmarks of this collection. Taking inspiration from bamboo, a percentage of each purchase from this collection is donated to restoration efforts in Bali.

The Legends Collection

This collection includes both men’s and women’s jewelry, capturing the essence, energy, aesthetics and power of Bali’s real and mythical creatures. 

  • Legends Cobra: Symbolizing rebirth, vitality, transformation and renewal 
  • Legends Eagle: Stylized silver, leather and bronze mesh with multiple gemstones to signify independence and freedom.
  • Legends Macan: Macan means “tiger” in traditional Balinese. Fierce and bold, these pieces represent unparalleled strength, courage in the face of adversity and passion. 
  • Legends Naga: Mythical dragon heads, serpentine spirals and symbolism of protection, prosperity and love bring these pieces to life.

Something Truly Special For Anyone and Any Occasion 

John Hardy offers a thriving and abundant collection of fine jewelry for men and women. Fit for virtually any occasion or reason, John Hardy has something for everyone. From anniversary or birthday gifts, to finding a special piece for an upcoming event, the collection is full of opportunities to leave friends or colleagues jealous.

The jewelry line, inspired by Balinese tradition, craft, culture and motifs, ranges from elegant and subdued, to bold and thought provoking. As a solo statement piece, or as the perfect accompaniment to an outfit, this collection represents a truly unique style enjoyed by many.

The Women’s Line Includes the Following Jewelry:

  • Bracelets
  • Cuffs and Coils
  • Earrings
  • Necklaces 
  • Rings

The Men’s Line Includes the Following Jewelry:

  • Bracelets 
  • Cufflinks
  • Necklaces
  • Rings

A Steadfast Commitment to Sustainability and the Environment 

Since inception, John Hardy has remained committed to conservation efforts. The company is environmentally conscious, having implemented several energy-efficient programs and regularly evaluations of how they can reduce the brand’s impact on the environment.  

Eco-friendly jewelry, sustainably sourced gemstones and tarnish-free paper made from 100% recycled paper are just a few of the ways John Hardy is working hard to make the world a better place for generations to come.

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