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Shop from a distance

Your special occasion can still be special.

The Windsor showroom is now open to the public 10am-7pm Monday-Saturday, but for those who would like to shop from a distance, we’re fulfilling orders and sending out green boxes on a daily basis. If you let us know what you are hunting for, our staff can generally find it within the store. Even if you don’t quite know what you need, we have matching items to past purchases and we can work with colors and styles that best fit that special person. We have free shipping and curbside pickup.

If you have a question you can still call us at 706.738.7777, we answer the store line from 10am-7pm Mon-Sat. Web chat hours can exceed those hours, so feel free to give that a try as well.

3 Ways to shop


You can easily browse and purchase from home through our website. We have quite a few items online, but not nearly as much as we have instore. Everything except our loose diamonds and bridal is actually in-stock and in the store. We can ship for free, or do a curbside pickup at a scheduled time.

Web Chat

Can’t find an item on our website or have a question about an item? Speak to one of our staff through web chat with real answers and helpful information. If someone isn’t available, feel free to leave your email, and note that the chat will continue page to page and if you leave our site to return.


Some of our customers really would rather just speak to us. We can help that way too, just give us a call at 706.738.7777. If we need to text, email item photos or give you a couple options for you to see in person, we can arrange that as well. We're here to help, just as we've always been.