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  • William Henry B02 Morpheus 'Fire' Pendant Knife
    William Henry B02 Morpheus 'Fire' Pendant Knife

    The Morpheus is the world'd first luxury pendant knife, created to be worn n the neck or carried in the pocket. The 'Fire' is a bold sterling silver pendant, inlaid with 10,000 year old fossil mammoth tooth, featuring a hidden, state-of-the-art blade made from 'Boomerang' damascus steel, hand-forged by Chad Nichols from hundreds of layers of different steel alloys and folded into unique tapestries reminiscent of waves and flowing water. A dramatic diamond conceals William Henry's button lock, ensuring that the blade is securely locked both open and closed, for safe wear and carry. Thanks to the new 'bullet lock' attachment, the 'Fire' pendant can be easily detached from its leather necklace and used as a keychain.

    The blade measures 1.75" (66.8mm), handle measures 2.25" (90.9mm), and overall open length is 3.90" (152.4mm). Leather necklace measures 22" in length.


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