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How to Measure Ring Size

Measurements for Engagement Ring

Buying a ring can seem like a daunting process, but don’t let industry jargon or the unknown keep you from finding the perfect ring.

Once you get a handle on the basics, you’ll find that accurately measuring for a ring isn’t nearly as complicated or challenging as you thought. Whether you’re purchasing a new ring as a gift, preparing to pop ‘the question’, or simply wanting to update your fingers with a new accessory that’ll leave your friends dying of envy, this guide will help you find the perfect ring – or at least an accurate size.

It is the same with all fashion shopping: numbers. And what those numbers represent isn’t immediately obvious to most people. So how do you ensure that your purchase will actually fit? Luckily, you can follow a couple of different quick procedures to figure it out.

Process One: The Professionals

The first and easiest option is to walk into your closest jewelry store and ask for your finger to be measured. Most shops will be happy to assist you, even if you do not plan to buy that day. If the ring is for yourself, or if your partner already knows what you’re planning, this option is quick, easy, virtually guaranteed to be accurate, and could make for a fun outing or a weekend afternoon.

Process Two: Measure at Home

Introverts of the world, do not panic! You do not have to go into a store to get properly sized. Even for extroverts, it's hard to pass up on the convenience of shopping online. With millions of options at your literal fingertips, the possibilities are endless…if only you knew the darn thing would fit.

If you want to avoid contact with the public, or awkward small talk, you can measure ring sizes with a few readily available tools right in the comfort and privacy of your own home.

You’ll need a string (or dental floss), a pen or marker, and a ruler. See, nothing fancy here.

Once you’ve gathered your items, take the string and wrap it around the base of your finger, then mark where the edge of the string starts to lap the rest. Be careful not to stretch the string, as this can affect your results. 

Next, you’ll lay the string flat against the millimeter side of your ruler. Jot down the number. Don’t get ahead of yourself just yet though.

You want to repeat these steps three to four times to ensure a more accurate result. We suggest taking an average of these results. 

Process Three: Something Borrowed?

What do you do if the ring is meant to be a surprise? Say you need to find your partner’s size before popping the question. While accuracy isn’t the most important aspect of that magic time, it can certainly take away other concerns. But how do you learn something like ring size without being caught?

Have no fear, our guide is here! And once again, you’ve got options.

Now, the easiest option is to find a ring your partner already owns and borrow it for a bit. You can take this ring to a jeweler and let them measure it. If you can’t get away with hanging onto a ring that long, just take a small ruler and use the millimeter side to measure the inside edges. Interior to interior. Then take that measurement to a ring chart and find the closest size. 

Only have a few seconds? Are your partner’s fingers smaller than yours? Playfully borrow one of their rings and slip it on—but remember where it stops sliding! Then measure there the next time you’re alone.

Tips On Measuring Ring Size

  • Take 3 measurements and use the average of them
  • Don’t take your measurement first thing in the morning or at night
  • Don’t take your measurement if you happen to be cold or hot
  • Don’t take your measurement if you have been working out or are dehydrated

Knowledge is Power— and Peace of mind

A ring should be tight enough not to fall off, but loose enough to remove when wanted. However, not all fingers are created equal— even on the same human! If you borrow an owned ring, the finger it rests on may be a slightly different size. Some folks also have knuckles larger than their rings–if that’s the case, you need to measure the knuckle and the base of the finger and find a size between the two.

Even if the size is slightly off, almost every jeweler has resizing and replacement policies. They know a lot of their ring sales are massive surprises, and they want to make the process as easy as possible. Just check terms with the shop of your official choice so you know what to do if you need an adjustment. For those are are in the greater Augusta area, visit our jewelry store and a member of our team will be happy to help with measurements.