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How to Layer Necklaces

layered necklace diamond sterling silver

Are you tired of the same old, boring, and dull ‘basic’ look?  Are you interested in innovative and unique ways to give your wardrobe and look an extra ‘pop’? Leaning on your accessories is a fun, creative, and surefire way to elevate your style and appearance without breaking the bank or requiring significant updates to your apparel.

From timeless classics and understated pieces to vibrant accents, your jewelry can take any outfit to the next level – or add to a chic look while filling in blank space. When it comes to jewelry, the necklace is a versatile and impressive addition. But what if we told you that even your necklace could be transformed into something even more spectacular?

One such fashion trend involves layering necklaces to create a truly unique and head-turning ensemble. Unlike some fads in the industry, this look has been around for a while and still going strong.

But some folks don’t know how to get the most bang from their bling, so we’ve come up with a few simple tips to get you started. By following this guide, you’ll have the basic idea of how to layer necklaces for virtually any occasion.

How to Layer Your Necklaces: a Quick and Easy Guide on Styles

Variation Matters

Let’s start with your chains. You don’t want your necklaces to be the same length – they’ll just end up getting tangled up together and will more so resemble a mess rather than a statement. Most layered look stylists recommend that your chain lengths be 2” apart to start, but you can experiment with longer and shorter gaps as you start to get the hang of things. Of course, some styles of necklaces work better than others when it comes to spacing.

Mix & Match Your Look

Next, let's talk about your style of chains. Mixing up various styles can add texture, depth, nuance, and contrast around your neck, drawing attention for all the right reasons. Not to mention reducing the risk of tangles.

Always put on your daintier, more petite, chains first. From there, layer those that are bulky to help hold the chains in place a little more.

However, be aware that some chic looks do not mix with chunky necklaces, so always keep your outfit in mind.

Another idea is to swap around your pendants and chains to freshen up your favorites! You can also work in some leather or ribbon necklaces rather than sticking to just chains. Your options are as limitless as your imagination, necklaces, and wardrobe allow.

Pick a Foundational Necklace

Your shortest necklace should be your starting point, making it the foundation for your look. This is arguably the most important necklace because it will end up being the innermost centered piece. 

The rest of your necklaces will be layered with this first piece in mind.

You should also consider the type of metal you are using. Stylists recommend picking a primary metal and a subtle accent metal. However, some fashionistas can mix several looks with the right outfit, so just remember that rules are meant to be broken!

Don’t Overdo It 

A layered look is a balancing act, with the ideal mix often suggested as a stack of 2-4 necklaces. More than that and the look begins to appear too busy, cluttered, and unplanned. 

Tying back into the main idea, try not to combine too many large pendants or medallions. Pick your favorite and then use more subtle necklaces to accent.

Beware of Getting Tangled Up

This is a tough one, as I’m sure anyone who owns necklaces can attest to. Necklaces and chains are known for getting tangled in jewelry boxes, and the same holds true with them around your neck.

Luckily, there are a few things you can do to minimize the issue. The first we mentioned earlier: daintier necklaces on first, then heavier. This helps ‘hold’ necklaces in position. Another option is a detangler accessory. Some jewelry and fashion companies offer a small piece of metal that you latch your necklaces to, keeping them safely apart and untangled.

That said, awareness is really the ultimate key to keeping necklaces untangled. Keep a subtle eye on how it's hanging or if certain pieces seem to be smacking into each other. If you’re preparing for a big event, wear your planned jewelry ahead of time in private to test it out together.

Guidelines, Not Rules

In the end, it’s your fashion and your style. Wear what you think looks great, and be happy! The above tips are simply guidelines to learn your way around the look. It’s like we said above: rules are meant to be broken!

The main idea is to make a statement and feel great about how you look.

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