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How to Buy Diamond Wedding Bands

The good news…She/He said ‘YES’!

But there’s a new challenge to undertake: finding the perfect diamond wedding band. After all, this isn’t a purchase you want to take lightly. 

A diamond wedding band is a physical representation of your eternal commitment and love. You want to make sure the wedding band is as special as the person you’ve chosen to spend your life with.

No two diamond wedding bands are alike, with each style embodying unique characteristics and qualities to consider.

In this guide we take you down the rabbit hole into the wonderful world of diamond wedding bands, exploring some of the most popular designs, styles and metals used. 

Popular Precious Metals 

Choosing the right precious metal for your diamond wedding band sets the stage for an immaculate and timeless piece that your loved one will adore from now until eternity. 

White Metals

Bright and brilliant, white metals have risen in popularity to become one of the most highly sought out wedding band materials. Perfect for complementing diamonds, white metals can really enhance the illustrious nature of gems in the band.

Popular White Metals:

Yellow & Rose Gold

Elegant, distinctive and beautiful, yellow and rose gold offer a warm and alluring appeal that can make any diamond wedding band stand out for all the right reasons. Offering a contrasting but just as amazing backdrop against diamond gems, yellow gold is a luxurious and timeless classic, while rose gold gives off a warm and soft glow.

Recycled Gold

Are you an environmentally conscious couple? Gold mining has historically been an ecologically and environmentally destructive process. Opting for a ring made from recycled gold gives new life to existing gold, reducing the carbon footprint of your wedding band while maintaining its quality, integrity, value and aesthetics.

Diamond Wedding Band Style 

Apart from the precious metal chosen, style may very well be the most important decision you’ll make with regards to the wedding band. The style of the band lends to how well it displays or compliments its diamonds as well as its wearability (an important consideration for those who life an active lifestyle).

Shared Prong Setting

This design features several diamonds in alignment. As the name suggests, the diamonds in the band share the prongs holding them in place. Typically, there are two diamonds per prong, accentuating the brilliance of the diamonds.

Ideal For:

  • People who don’t get their hands dirty at work (blue-collar jobs, chefs, etc., might find that this style of ring is prone to getting snagged or caught on objects)
  • Those who live a less active lifestyle that wouldn’t interfere with wearing the ring

Pavé Setting

This unique style delicately nestles diamonds between two thin rails of precious metal, with the peak of each jewels crown staying level with the surface. Spaces between each gem are filled with precious metal, aiding in structural integrity, while isolating each diamond and highlighting its illustriousness.

Ideal For:

  • Those with a more active lifestyle (diamonds are more secure)

Channel Setting

Classic, timeless and traditional, the diamonds in this style of band are set in the widest area of the ring, known as the girdle. There they sit comfortably between two bands of precious metal, securely held in place by tiny grooves on opposing sides. Two common types of diamond cuts these bands look magnificent with include emerald and princess cut diamonds, allowing them to sit snuggly against each other.

Ideal For:

  • Those with an active lifestyle but who still want a traditional, elegant look

Bezel Setting

With the diamond’s girdle perfectly surrounded by a thin strand of metal, each accent diamond in bezel and flush settings can be enclosed or open on the sides. With the rest of the diamond’s body tucked safely below, the crown of the jewel is visibly featured and accentuated. Some bands using the bevel style create what is referred to as a ‘scalloped’ edge, connecting several bezels through shapes including emerald and princess cuts to create a straight line.

Ideal For:

  • A modern look and feel 
  • Those who enjoy a little character and personality in their jewelry 

Flush Setting

As the name suggests, this design features diamonds that are set ‘flush’ with the band, with no part of the diamond’s cut protruding from its setting. This makes the surface of the band completely smooth.

Ideal For:

  • Active lifestyles
  • Anyone concerned about snagging the band during daily activities

Eternity Wedding Bands

A truly brilliant wedding band is the eternity band, featuring encircling diamonds around its entire circumference. Embodying eternal love and never-ending commitment, these bands are impressive from any angle.

Ideal For:

  • Elevating and accentuating a simple engagement ring

Antique Vs Modern Wedding Bands

Wedding bands come in modern and contemporary designs, as well as antique or classical styles. Which is best suited for your loved one will be largely up to personal preference. Pay attention to the types of jewelry they enjoy, ask their friends about the styles they think would be worth exploring, and use your own intuition to guide you in finding a design that perfectly aligns with the recipient’s personality.

Alternatively, you can purchase a ring that is truly an antique. Some couples prefer these due to their storied and romantic past, enjoying the fact that the ring is continuing its purpose of representing eternal love in the hands of a new couple.

Custom Wedding Bands

Create a wedding band as unique as that special someone you want to spend eternity with. Work with our designers to create something truly one of a kind. The process is as fun and rewarding as the result.

Choosing the Perfect Diamond Wedding Band: a Final Word

Buying a wedding band can be a scary experience for some. After all, you want to get it ‘right’. At Windsor Fine Jewelers we’re here to help you at every stage of the process, learning about you and your loved one, your relationship, dynamic, personality and more to help you find the perfect match.