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William Henry Limited Edition EDC E6 - 10 Knife

EDC E6 - 10: Tungsten-Carbide Coated D2 Blade, T6061 Aluminum Alloy Frame, Signature Wood Scale/Inlay, Stainless Steel Pocket Clip Carrying System, One Hand Button Lock Mechanism

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SKU 5601598
Manufacturer William Henry
Collection EDC


The 'EDC' introduces a new functional style to the William Henry collection. They’ve always worked with their own hybrid combination of technology and handwork to create unique tools, and on this new model William Henry has incorporated the most modern three-dimensional machining into the frame. The sculpted texture and shape of each frame is machined from solid aircraft grade aluminum alloy, hard-anodized to military specs for a lifetime of superlative performance.

Each 'EDC' features a blade of D2 German tool steel, one of the most storied and respected steels in the modern history of cutlery. Tempered to HRC 60-61, this exceptional steel is rugged and durable, capable of achieving and holding an exceptional razor edge. The blades are precision machined and then finished entirely by hand to a beautiful satin luster that is a hallmark of William Henry’s blade work. Models 1 through 3, feature a synthetic diamond-like coating (DLC) that is bonded to the blade at a molecular level and tough enough for any application.

True to form, William Henry also use the finest organic and high-tech materials as inlays into the aluminum frame – each piece finished by hand to their exacting standards, and providing a warm and elegant counterpoint to the stark precision of the textured handle.

The pocket clip and fittings are crafted from stainless steel, tempered as necessary for optimal wear resistance, and the 'EDC' incorporates our renowned button lock for safe one hand operation open and closed. Each piece features a serial number engraved below the logo on the blade and includes a certificate of authenticity.

William Henry offers a lifetime warranty on all their work. Please read the following limitations carefully, and follow the recommendations for your specific WH tool as listed in the reverse side of this Certificate of Authenticity.

William Henry guarantees their workmanship and the performance of your tool provided it is used in an appropriate manner. All pocket knives are designed and built as fine cutting tools, nothing more or less. Prying, hacking, chiseling, digging, etc, are not cutting, and will void the warranty. The pens are intended as writing instruments, and any other use will void the warranty. Quite simply, using William Henry for something other than it was designed, or dissembling any part of a William Henry, will void the warranty.

William Henry strives to build the finest pieces we can imagine, for a lifetime of use and beyond, and we will work to ensure your satisfaction with their products. William Henry reserves he right to evaluate, repair, and/or replace any warranty issues that may arise.

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