William Henry Knives




If you have your own set of high-end knives, or if you’re just covetously admiring the one-of-a-kind William Henry knives available in our jewelry store as you take the first step in starting a collection of your own, you’ll agree that a high-quality knife from William Henry is a prize on many levels: eye-catching enough that they wouldn't look out of place in jewelry boxes, yet as functional as the sharpest knife in your kitchen made from the highest quality materials. From black onyx folding knives to a carved silver fixed blade embellished with fossilized coral, limited edition pocket knives from William Henry cleave to the line between tool and accessory.

William Henry is an American brand of high-end, thoughtfully designed and built knives, jewelry, writing instruments, and other accessories. Each rare William Henry set combines purpose and polish to make a work of art that could be the centerpiece for any collector, an unforgettable Father's Day gift or any sort of special occasion.

Buying a William Henry blade is like buying an heirloom or work of art: one crafted with state of the art alloys, and precious metals using the best materials, care and devotion to bring you a timeless form and function combined in a single piece each with its own unique personality. You'll find new pieces featuring natural materials and polished finishes or even damascus steel. Choose a luxury pocket knife you love from our stunning William Henry selection, and treat it with a measure of the care that went into its creation. You will have something you can truly treasure for a long time and remember with Windsor, you get free shipping. Have more questions? Visit our William Henry frequently asked questions page.