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Mikimoto Pearl Bracelets

Cultured pearl visionary Kokichi Mikimoto said he dreamed of adorning the neck of every woman in the world with pearls - what he forgot to mention is that while Mikimoto pearl necklaces are indeed stunning, just as many women would love to have their wrists adorned with a beautiful Mikimoto pearl bracelet Made from only the world’s highest-quality pearls, each one of these stunning, timeless pieces would make an unforgettable birthday, anniversary or graduation gift, a show-stopping accessory, and a worthwhile investment.

Mikimoto are masters of innovative design, and their collections of pearl bracelets feature not only the traditional glowing, snow-white cultured pearl but also a variety of shades of peach, pink, coral, blue, silver and gray. The variety of designs is almost endless, incorporating yellow gold, 18k white gold, diamonds, and so much more; plus pieces featuring multiple rows of pearl strands. If you’re overwhelmed by choice and trying to settle on a piece for a gift, you can’t go wrong with a classic, elegant, single strand of white pearls joined by the iconic Mikimoto clasp.




Mikimoto’s trademark emphasis on unwavering quality and original jewelry creation produces bracelets that are truly unique, flawlessly made from only the finest pearls - including Akoya, South Seas varieties, and more - and quite simply breathtakingly beautiful. Mikimoto is the biggest name in pearls for a reason: when you own a Mikimoto bracelet, what you fasten on your wrist is not just an exquisite piece of jewelry but a work of art, a masterpiece of modern design, and a little piece of history all rolled into one.