Luvente jewelry encapsulates the unique moments that define a lifetime. These are the stories that we live to share - with smiles, laughter, and sometimes tears.




Luvente means “love the events of life.” These pieces are designed in New York with detail in mind and range from unique and trendy to classic and timeless. Each bracelet, earring, ring, necklace, or pendant is unique, just like the moments in your life. With options like yellow, white, or rose gold, Luvente has something for everyone. Whether you are buying something for a special occasion, a major life milestone, or just embracing every day, there is no better way to celebrate than with a piece from Luvente jewelry.

The Luvente jewelry brand was cofounded by Michael Dabakarov and Daniel Dabakarov. Between the two of them, they bring decades of industry experience and they share a passion for the true value of fine jewelry. Each piece from this modern jewelry brand is created “from pencil to production” and their Artisan jewelers provide intricate detailing that can be seen in every piece.

The Luvente mission is to offer a wide range of styles at varying price points all to commemorate life’s major milestones. Their top selling product is a pair of 14K gold and diamond halo stud earrings that feature a dazzling round center gemstone. Whether you want to customize it with a birthstone or just a favorite color, these stud earrings are the perfect match.