John Hardy Earrings

Delicately and precisely handcrafted to perfection, John Hardy earrings showcase the talent of Master Artisans. Delicate details, intricate lines, evocative designs and a symbolic touch bring out the best of these pieces.




John Hardy Earring Collection

With a wide range of styles to choose from, there is something in the John Hardy Earring collection for even the most discerning of recipients. From classically styled chandelier earrings perfect for any occasion, to ‘everyday’ essentials such as the sterling silver stud earrings, the possibilities are endless.

Other options include sophisticated sapphire, mesmerizing jade and organic pearl earrings, all sourced sustainably and ethically.

Explore the entirety of our collection below to find the perfect earrings for that special someone in your life. From birthdays to anniversaries or just a heartfelt ‘thinking of you’, a pair of John Hardy Earrings will leave them speechless.