Charles Krypell

Today, Charles Krypell is a revered New York-based jewelry designer pushing the boundaries of creativity and using his inspiration derived from history and experience to bring to life truly unique and stunning pieces of jewelry.




From his humble start as a sculpturer to his emergence onto the world’s fine jewelry design scene, Charles Krypell’s journey to becoming one of the most well-respected and acclaimed jewelry designers is a storied one.

An Intimate style that Transcends Time

With a true passion for evolving and furthering the fine jewelry scene, Krypell focuses on unprecedented, timeless designs that embody a multi-faceted approach admired by all.

From silver pieces that elevate style with a true air of grace and sophistication, to breathtaking pieces centered around a crown jewel of pink or yellow diamonds, his collection breathes a fresh air of sophisticated luxury and aesthetic.

Taking a layered and stacked approach, his most recent collections mix and match, melding together varying concepts and styles that uniquely balance his earlier works and can be paired in new and interesting ways. Synonymous with superior craftsmanship, unparalleled luxury, and unmatched quality, Krypell’s ever-evolving line of fine jewelry makes heads turn in awe. Having been commissioned to design jewelry for royalty, celebrities and figureheads, you too can add yourself among his list of discerning customers.