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Frequently Asked Questions: William Henry Knives

Are William Henry Knives One of a Kind?

With a William Henry knife, you know you are getting a limited edition. No two pieces are alike, and they are engraved with their very own serial number. They also come with their own Certification of Authenticity that features a description of your unique piece, the serial number, the date that the piece was completed, a list of materials that were used, and the recommended care.

Are William Henry Knives Good?

Every product made by William Henry is unique and has an antique quality. Designed to be durable, each piece is created for a lifetime of endurance. With a combination of cutting-edge alloys and time-honored natural materials, there are no compromises to William Henry knives.

Where are William Henry Knives Made?

This exclusive brand’s products are made in the U.S.A. The international materials they use are crafted with professionalism and a dedication to excellence.

How Much Do William Henry Pocket Knives Cost?

William Henry knives start under $400 and can go up to $12,750. The average cost of one of these unique knives is between $1,200 and $1,300. For $300, collectors can purchase a knife box that can store up to 12 pieces.

What Types of Materials Are Used in William Henry Knives?

Every William Henry knife is created with unique creativity. Some of the frame materials include deep-relief carved silver, titatnium, mikume, Damascus steel with gold inlay, and other premier alloys. The titanium used to create these unique knives is an aerospace gradO making it corrosion proof and lightweight but extremely strong and durable. Mikume consists of 89 layers including brass, nickel silver, and copper. As for the Damascus steel, this refers to a special category of steel that was created in India. It features original patterns of banding and mottling mirroring that of flowing water. The specific artistry that comes with Damascus steel is rare and unique just as every William Henry knife is rare and unique.  William Henry knives also utilize a variety of specialty gemstones. The lock buttons and thumbstuds often feature stunning gemstones including Mother-of-Pearl, opal, diamonds, white and blue topaz, sapphire, citrine, ruby, smoky quartz, spessartite, and spinel. Along with their incredible quality every one of these gemstones are set in 18kt white gold.

How Often Do You Need to Sharpen a William Henry Pocket Knife?

While each unique knife is made to be a lifelong piece and is extremely durable, to keep the knife looking and functioning at its best, it is recommended that you sharpen your William Henry knife every 18-24 months to keep it in pristine condition.