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Engagement Rings

Last year an engagement ring manufacturer told us “You guys have more engagement rings in your store than in any store I’ve ever seen.” and it wasn't the first time we've heard that. The same industry professionals tell us that we probably have the largest collection of engagement rings in the Southeast. At Windsor, a large inventory has always been our way of life, but we also know that the selection can be overwhelming to our guests. Now that we’re online, the roles have been reversed, we’re overwhelmed at the idea of putting 6000 engagement rings online. Though we do have a massive selection of rings in our online bridal collection, these rings are made as they are ordered which can take a couple of weeks to produce. That process doesn’t fit everyone. If you are local to Augusta, getting a ring faster is as easy as stopping by the store and picking out the perfect one. If you’d like to shop from home, contact us through the Live Chat, or Phone Call (706.738.7777), so that we may work directly with you using your preferred styles and budgets, enabling our staff to hand-select the perfect ring of a lifetime. Consider it an online concierge engagement ring experience.

Engagement Rings Augusta Georgia

In our store at Windsor, we have two different types of engagement rings, we have rings that need a center diamond, which our jewelers install in-house and rings that are completely finished with diamonds that we’ve chosen to best match the setting.

There is no difference in the quality of either type of in-store engagement rings, but there are benefits to both. Some of our completely finished rings were custom made to fit the diamond itself, this means diamonds like a marquise, pear or emerald cut (which often have unique parameters) will fit perfectly into their settings. Yet, we also have a vast selection of engagement rings that are able to have a diamond set in them, these rings have the advantage of addressing the combination of finding an exact style preference with a diamond that fits your budget.

Windsor Engagement Ring Display If we’re installing a diamond for you, that means that you can work with our staff to find a diamond that we have in stock in our store. We have thousands diamond in our store our selection in-store is a different selection than the diamonds that we have in our online diamond search. This means that we can show you diamonds directly in our store or remotely through microscopic imagery and have the diamond installed in the ring less than a day or two. The fastest option, of course, is the completely finished ring, that can be purchased and picked up or purchased and shipped the same day if purchased by 4pm EST. We have multiple payment methods within our store for in-store purchases, but we can also easily add a ring or ring and diamond combination as a custom product for you to checkout using our web platform. We're excited to help you, feel free to reach out and ask us any questions you may have regarding our process.