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Diamond Statement

When it comes to diamonds we believe in selection, price and customer service. Windsor has more than 9,600 diamonds physically in the store for you to compare and a staff that can help you narrow down the selection without getting overwhelmed. As for price, we constantly compare our prices nationally and vigorously seek out the best diamond sources in the industry. We don't fly around the world claiming to find diamonds hidden in tropical lands or that we own our own diamond mine. We simply negotiate for hours with our sources on a weekly basis allowing us the best prices.

15% of our diamonds that are individually wrapped

Buying a diamond is like a piece of artwork, you really do need to see it in person. Never depend on a single point of view or diagram to judge a diamond and a graded diamond is only one person's opinion of the diamond’s characteristics.

Let me give you an example, not everyone is in the market for an absolutely perfect diamond. At some point, a customer may decide that the size of the diamond is more important than the cut, or the cut over the clarity or any other combination of preference. The part that is misleading is that when you shop by certificate and price... you miss the beauty in what you may believe to be a flaw.

If you read on a certificate that a diamond had a little bit of "fluorescence" you might assume it to be a lesser quality diamond. The part we love is when customer sees it for themselves and finds that a "flaw" that should have devalued the stone actually has a complimentary quality that they would have never seen if they shopped by certificate alone.

Diamonds Sold in 2013 With that being said, we certainly believe that certificates are extremely important. Windsor focuses on American graded diamonds. The American standard for diamond grading is the highest in the entire world. Fewer restrictions and less accountability have led International grading facilities to a commonplace of inaccurate diamond grading. Internationally graded diamonds generally sell for less, yet the reason is rarely explained. Some jewelry stores will even "forget" to explain those grading discrepancies to customers who are new to the process. We don't believe those practices lead to the jewelry business longevity and we plan to be here for a long time.

Lastly, you'll never pay more for a green box experience, period. Our customer service is what has carried us through the years and its complimentary to our nationally competitive pricing.