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We’ve been right here in Augusta since 1975 and we’ve grown from four small showcases to one of the largest independent jewelers in the US. Some store owners would certainly leverage that as a bragging right, but we're honestly thankful for every opportunity to serve our customers. If our successes could grant us anything, it would be the a couple moments to share our pricing, express our opinion about buying a diamond and what a Windsor experience actually means. Continue reading...


All diamonds are not graded equally. Graded diamonds recieve certificates and here you can read a little more about the importance of American graded diamonds and what to watch out for when making a diamond purchase. Continue reading...


Learn the about how the cut of a diamond can affect it’s visual performance and it’s price tag. Read more...

Diamond Cut


Learn about how diamonds are graded based on the size and the location of their impurites. Read more...

Diamond Clarity


Learn about what can cause different colors in diamonds and the scale that we use for grading them. Read more...

Diamond Color


The larger the carat weight, the larger the diamond. Learn about the carat scale that we use. Read more...

Diamond Carat