Thanks so much Augusta! It's an honor to serve you and call this wonderful town home. #Cybercitybest
This is just jaw-dropping. An 11.55ct Ethiopian Opal surrounded with diamonds and emeralds - all set in 18k gold. It's sitting there...all alone in our showcase. #opal #opalring #bing #instajewels #windsorfinejewelers
Feel free to tag that special someone who needs an extra nudge - wink wink. Our Summer Diamond Event will come to a close on Saturday, June 30th. It's 5 years, zero down, zero interest with approved credit and no penalty to pay it off early. Come by on Saturday for the easiest way to buy an engagement ring or anniversary upgrade.
We love our customers. It's so wonderful that they do their best to help reconnect lost items to their rightful owners. Someone brought in a Pandora bracelet that was found outside of Macy's at the Mall. If you are missing one, please PM us which charms on the bracelet so that we can get this back to you. Please share. #thegoodolddays
Saturday, June 23rd from 2p-5p at the North Augusta Municipal Building. Ladies, Tickets just $20! Ladies, enjoy an afternoon of girl time, food and wine, shopping and more JUST FOR YOU! A portion of proceeds to benefit Safe Homes of Augusta!
Just because "love is patient" doesn’t always mean that she will be. 😂 Until June 30th we're doing 5 years, zero down, zero interest, for those with approved credit and there's no penalty if you choose to pay it off early. It's Windsor's Summer Diamond Event.
We wanted to give a shout out to new venue at SRP park and them having their first large scale concert tomorrow at the ball field. If you're free - head on out tomorrow to see Jake Owen put on an amazing concert! Augusta GreenJackets Tom Denlinger
Tomorrow is day that we set aside to celebrate her, so stop by and see us today. We're open 9am-9pm and you know there's still quite a few wonderful pieces to choose from 😁
Windsor has a knack for gifts that are beyond expectation and for every budget. These are items are made of sterling silver, cubic zirconia, rose overlay and they are in-store only. Come see us and surprise her. 😍
We come across all kinds of interesting items up here. This spoon is from Tiffany & Co and it's almost 18inches in length. One point if you can guess the collection, one point if you know the name of the type of spoon and another point if you know what this spoon was actually used for. If you don't know then be creative 😂
You're invited. Join us this evening for an exclusive meet and greet with the legendary Sean Foley. He’s one of the biggest names in golf instruction and will be here, at Windsor Fine Jewelers on Wednesday April 4th, from 6p-8p. Help us celebrate the 2018 Masters Tournament with a bourbon tasting and the newest releases from Breitling. We're right across the street from the Augusta National. You can find us here
It's that time of year and we normally get asked for some golf gift ideas for guys. We have these Bobby Jones pieces here at the store and online in our men's collection.
One of our largest Pandora events of the year will take place Thursday (March 22nd) through Saturday (March 24th), the Save More Event. Because of the turnout in the past, Pandora has added a fourth tier of savings. Spend $150, Save $50 - Spend $350, Save $125 - Spend $600, Save $225 - Spend $1000, Save $400
If you like Charles Krypell, March 21st through March 31st, we have over 150 pieces for 50% off and over 350 pieces for 25% off. This offer is while supplies last so stop by and see us!
We’ve always considered ourselves a magical place, but here’s another kind of magic that will keep you on the edge of your seat. The Illusionists are coming to the Bell Auditorium on Sunday February the 25th! Post a gif or video of your favorite illusion on this post for a chance to win 2 tickets to the event. Like and share with your friends because getting likes on the illusion that you post may increase your chances to win. Windsor will choose a winner on Friday the 23rd at 5pm.
We had so many great Valentine's headlines for this 😂 - but this time we want to give you a shot. ❤️💕❤️💕
In case you didn't know, we are open today on Sunday to help find a special something for that very special someone. 💕💕💕
Valentine’s Day gives us such a great reason to feature reds and pinks that can sometimes get overlooked. Here we have 3 completely different rings, different shapes, different colors and even different metals. Which is your favorite? (and extra points if you can name the center stones). This is just a phone photo, we’re open today if you want to see these amazing rings in real life.
A holiday that lifts up love, the strongest connection known to mankind, is no trivial holiday. It’s a holiday that is less focused on self and more focused on the person in front of you. Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to set the phones down, turn off the tv and focus on each other. Have a date night, take a canal cruise, enjoy a picnic or rent a moped and head down broad street. Whatever you choose, choose to set aside a moment to celebrate love.
Stop by and grab a memento to celebrate the big game! The PERFECT halftime surprise gift.
At some point the Christmas cheer is overwhelming. 😂 🎄
When do we shine the most? We like to think that it’s quite often (😂) but we know that during this time of year it is exceptional. All throughout the year, we work hard in the retail business to bring the best product and pricing to our locals here in Augusta. We compete with businesses all over the US, but in the next 3 days, when shipping is no longer a guarantee and inventories are running low, there's still an option. Having one of America’s largest independent jewelry stores right here in your backyard is a perfect way to finish up your Christmas shopping. All purchases have complimentary gift wrapping. Thanks ya’ll for shopping local, we love being part of this community. ♥️
Ladies and gentlemen, the box has been found!! Wesley Latch located it and a visit to the Augusta Genealogical Society with an old city map helped him to locate the Atkinson Hotel, famous location of Wylly Barron's establishment (Wylly Barron's birthday was yesterday). Thanks everyone for playing our game. We really had as much fun as all of you... we LOVE being local and interacting with all of you. Hopefully we'll see you soon and click below to learn more about the clues from this hunt.
We have 4 more days until Christmas and our box is still out there. Come on ya'll! You can do this. Remember to come in today for tomorrow's clue (it certainly may alter some things).
The 8th box has now officially outlasted all of the other boxes.
Ok folks…here we go. Our box is out. The Breitling watch is the prize. There is not an area clue this week, you guys are too smart. You may stop into Windsor, try on a Breitling and see tomorrow’s clue. This week may be the toughest yet. Saturday’s clue is “Two is company.”
We’ve noticed that the men have been hunting for the jewelry just as much as the women. They’ve tried on all kinds of fun jewelry to get clues and they’ve been good sports. The last box is for you fellas. The finder of the last box before Christmas will receive a men’s Breitling timepiece. If we can get 500 likes on this post, we’ll start the last box hunt this weekend, instead of next Wednesday.
We want to give a high five to Taylor and Courtney Cowden for the lightning fast find to today in Harlem, Ga - this was a huge find!! And our 2nd fastest find!! Taylor James Cowden
Windsor Fine Jewelers offers a wide selection of rings, necklaces, pendants, bracelets and earrings from famous designers worldwide such as Mikimoto, Judith Ripka, John Hardy, Scott Kay, Tacori, Roberto Coin, Di Modolo and much more! Windsor is a jewelry store based out of Augusta, Georgia.
It’s Wednesday Dec. 13th and the Green Box is out again! This week we are featuring designer John Hardy. John Hardy jewelry is handmade in bali and based on the artistry of the Balinese. The company focused on sustainability, being environmentally friendly and furthering their unique style into highest realms of luxury. Wednesday Dec. 13th Clue: What should have been wet, but was drier than dust. The area clue is Columbia County. If you would like a clue in a day in advance, come in and try on a piece of John Hardy. ***UPDATE THE BOX HAS BEEN FOUND***
WOW. Rain or shine people have hunted all day, a big round of applause for the dedication of everyone hunting. We want to congratulate Blake Goolsby for finding the Green Box TONIGHT. This is the second longest amount of time that the box has lasted. The Mikimoto pearls will go to his lovely bride and the box was quite wet. The clues were based on Amanda Dickson which we unfold right here with the location
“I really want more kids to find our Windsor rocks” said Donnie Thompson just last week. It has been apparent that some of our rocks have been found, but not yet redeemed (understandably, they are pretty if we say so ourselves). “Well let’s just make more” he said, so we did it and these are more noticeably ours. This week, we’ve installed 10 more rocks into playground areas and we hope kids will bring them back and pick out some wonderful gifts as soon as they find them. Best of luck and enjoy the hunt.
Ok folks - we have 3 more weeks of box hiding. This week we are featuring Mikimoto! The ultimate name in quality pearls. Mikimoto Kōkichi actually created the process of culturing pearls in the late 1800's. Remember you can get a clue a day in advance by trying on a piece of Mikimoto here in Windsor. The place is in Augusta, the clue is "The center of attention, yet not well attended." The finder wins a bracelet AND a pair of stud earrings.
What the next best thing to finding a green box?? Having a green box birthday party and your awesome cake looks remarkably like the box that is missing once again. We wish you the Happiest Birthday ever Lauren Scott!
Congrats to Caitlyn Edwards for finding the Green Box. It was at the Sandbar Ferry Dueling Grounds. We have been asked to explain the clues. You can find the explanations at - Stay tuned for next week - we will do it all over again. =)
Hey folks, the box is out!! We had to make it a little tougher this time due to your speedy recovery last Wednesday. This week we are featuring the Italian designer, Roberto Coin. Roberto Coin has a timeless and sophisticated look with each piece fashioning a hidden small ruby that rests against the skin. This tradition comes from an ancient Egyptian legend that the ruby, if held against the skin, promotes long life, health and happiness. Also this weekend, Dec. 1st & 2nd, we're having a huge, 3 designer show with Roberto Coin, Eli Jewels and Ashi. These designers will be bringing some jaw-dropping pieces into Windsor for the event. The piece the box finder will receive is a Roberto Coin 18k Rose gold, diamond and mother of pearl pendant with chain. It retails for $2200. Please keep in mind, that our box is not hidden in a place that is dangerous. If you would like a clue in a day in advance, come in and try on a piece of Roberto Coin. Area Clue: Richmond County, Ga. Wednesday Nov. 29th Clue: Where two would come together.
Happy Thanksgiving!! For those who prefer a peacock over a turkey 😂
Again thanks for playing ya'll, stay tuned for next week and congrats to Jamie Nave.
It’s Wednesday Nov. 22nd and the Green Box out! The brand of the week is Eli Jewels Eli Jewels uses a contemporary spin on the designs of the Etruscans, Romans and the Greeks. The piece of the week the box finder will receive is a Eli Jewels, Aegean Sterling and & 18k yellow gold pendant with chain. The pendant is embellished with diamond and features a beautiful blue topaz. The piece retails for $1795. Please keep in mind, that our box is not hidden in a place that is dangerous and is on public property. If you would like a clue in a day in advance, come in and try on a piece of Eli Jewels (we're closed on Thanksgiving). Location is Augusta, Ga and the clue for the day is "From Charleston to Augusta." ***update this box was just found***
Thanks again for everyone playing, the box was located and turned in today - the Honora earrings have been given away to the winner. They came in for the clue in advance, it really does give you an advantage if you can make it by to try on a piece. This is longest that a box has went without being found. We broke 61 hours. Stay tuned for next week. Shelton Johnson and Meghan Thomas
Also our rocks for kids are still in parks - we've put them back into park as of last night! They can be found in Aiken County (and in Aiken), Richmond County and Columbia County! Here's some of the prizes rock finders can choose from.
Many folks have been asking - our box is BACK OUT in the area!! The area hint is Columbia County! The clue for the day is "Near what was made to work but now used to play." Please keep in mind two things - First our box is not hidden in a place that is dangerous, and second, that you may visit Windsor, try on a piece of Honora to recieve a clue a day in advance. These Honora pearl earrings are 14k white gold and diamond. Honora has a wonderful selection of trendy fresh water pearl jewelry that starts at $60 and goes up from there.
Hit the brakes everyone!!! The box for this week has been FOUND. Mel Lambert found the box in North Augusta and got the Gabriel & Co ring (and she came into Windsor this morning and got tomorrow's clue). Congrats Mel!!! Mel Kieffer Lambert
Wow. We do have reports of folks out in the rain today searching for our missing Green Box. Today's clue for the AWESOME Gabriel & Co. 14k & diamond ring is..."The story may be different if what still stands is all that had ever stood." ***Remember*** you can come in today, try on a piece Gabriel & Co and receive Friday's clue today!!
Our Green Box has disappeared again! Can you help us find it? The clue of the day is "Something in North Augusta that has been left twice." **also** if you come into Windsor and try on a piece of Gabriel & Co. you'll get to see a clue a day in advance. Gabriel & Co. has a huge collection of jewelry at Windsor from entry silver fashion, gold and diamond fine jewelry to an amazing assortment of engagement rings. The piece of the week that the box finder will recieve is a Gabriel & Co. 14k yellow gold and diamond ladies’ ring from the Hampton Collection retailing for $1075. Learn more at
Hey everyone!! We've had 5 out of 8 rocks found! You guys are doing great... this week we'll be hiding the 5 back into our local parks, thanks for participating. We hope that you've been able to enjoy the weather and the family time.
Ok folks, still no one has found the Green Box, clue #2 is "#28 in the bush." - Now this is really important... we did have a member of our staff figure out the riddle with tomorrow's clue, which you can find out today if you come in a try on a piece of Charles Krypell's beautiful jewelry. Charles will be here in person for an awesome trunk show this Friday and Saturday.
Our Holiday Game for All Ages: We’ve had quite a few requests to have a game for the “big kids” so here we go. Every week from now until Christmas we’re hiding a Green Box (seen below) somewhere in the CSRA. Each week will feature a designer and the box, if found, can be redeemed for piece that retails for over $1000. This week is a Charles Krypell piece, he’s excited to play part in our game and he’ll be here in Augusta this weekend for an AMAZING trunk show on Friday & Saturday. By coming into Windsor and trying on a piece of Charles Krypell, you’ll receive tomorrow's clue to the location of the Green Box. Happy hunting. The Area hint: The Historic District of Downtown Augusta. The 1st Clue: Across the way from a name written in the air. (Please share) --- we'll let you know when it's been found.
Our Holiday Game for Kids: We have brought back our Windsor rocks for the 12 and under kids. There's a twist, once a rock is brought into Windsor and redeemed for a piece of jewelry, we'll put it right back into a park in the CSRA - ALL THE WAY UNTIL CHRISTMAS. We'll have jewelry for kids to choose from in the store! We hope that you spend lots of quality time enjoying the hunt and the great outdoors! (Share if you would)
Calling all military service members, active and inactive, stop by Windsor for your chance to win Guitar pull tickets! We’re giving away a total of 80 tickets (40 pair). Our drawing will be held on November 8th, you do not have to be present to win.
Come Visit us at Pandora Augusta Mall. We would love to see you!!
Our Fall Diamond Event is back! Zero down, zero interest for up to 5 years with approved credit. From now until October 7th, it's happening at Windsor. Perfect for that new engagement ring, but even better for moving that beautiful diamond into a new setting for an anniversary gift.
Come visit us this Labor Day weekend for a surprise discount on your next Pandora purchase! Taking place in Windsor, August 31st through Monday, September 4th (closed on Sunday).
We're happy to announce that Windsor is once again carrying the Breitling line of timepieces. It's been quite some time since we've had them here and we consider it a welcomed reunion.
Even though Georgia dropped the Tax free weekend... we're tax free until Saturday August 5th! Don't worry - it's still legally legit, we're just paying the taxes for you. We love having events like these and having the opportunity to be your hometown jeweler. Come see us while there's still a big selection. 🙌
Hey everyone please consider stopping by tomorrow - donating blood saves lives. If you can't make it, please share =)
What's your favorite stone type? Surprise us =)
The day I proposed to Megan, her Stepmom Jan Distracted her by taking her out antique shopping. When she got back to the house I surprised her by having the 3 kids…
Land of the free and home of the brave. Happy July 4th!