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Augusta Jewelry Appraisal

Jewelry Appraisal

Many owners of fine jewelry get a formal appraisal at the time of purchase and they don’t feel the need to get one again. One of the purposes of an appraisal is for documentation regarding the replacement value of the item in your possession. Most jewelry owners will then list that item on their homeowner’s or renter’s insurance policy to pay for the replacement if something were to happen to the item. If you feel that you would like your item replaced if something were to happen to it and its value exceeds your deductible, it would be wise to get an appraisal.

Guitar Pull

If you love the Guitar Pull, this promotion is for you. We’re giving away 2 tickets (1 pair) everyday beginning November 5th, until the event on the concert on November 17th. Only one entry per person, you may only enter for yourself and you must be 16 to enter.

Results of Unsung Heroes

This month Windsor had a contest, but it really didn’t end up being a contest. It ended up being a wonderful moment that we hit pause on our lives and realized what we had asked of folks. Your incredible stories and personal experiences moved us, we wanted to reach out and thank all of you who put those stories out in the open. It takes a lot to do that and we thought about your risk of not “winning” when in reality, all of you have absolutely won. You really have. We had to change the rules. Everyone that submitted a story is winner and we’ve picked out pieces for each of you.

Unsung Heroes

Windsor wants to reach out and salute our local women who’ve fought the war against breast cancer. Breast cancer is no foe to be taken lightly, it is the second leading cause of cancer related deaths in American women. Over a quarter of million women here in the US will embark on the battle against breast cancer this year. We at Windsor love inspirational the stories of hope and perseverance. Not all battles are won in the flesh, but many are won in the spirit.

Matched Effort

When it comes to making a purchase at Windsor Fine Jewelers, note that the effort that you put into your special occasion, we put into your fine jewelry.   The legendary green box is the result of the finest talent and highest quality of fine jewelry that we could present.  Though we’ve been a part of the community for 40 years, we still deliver what you’ve come to expect. Here’s our newest commercial to help convey that.

Le Vian Couture Event 2015

Join us for a two day Couture event featuring the largest collection of Le Vian jewelry ever in the CSRA. We’ll present to you hundreds of one-of-a-kind pieces never seen before. Most are familiar with the name Le Vian, but few know that it carries a history of 400 years of fine jewelry making.

Could we be your jeweler?

What would it take? We would love to be your hometown jewelry store. A better selection? A better price? More exclusivity? Less exclusivity? A larger staff? A more knowledgeable staff? We’re all ears. We want to be your jeweler.

Guitar Pull :: Tickets for life

onsider it a “Windsor Style” contest, because if we do it – we like to do it big. Here it is brought you by Kicks 99 and Windsor Jewelers. You have the ability to win Guitar Pull tickets (2) for the rest of your life by registering here at Windsor Jewelers.

Diamond & Bridal :: Savings Event

If you’ve been considering an engagement ring for that beautiful lady or thinking of upgrading an existing engagement ring, now, may just be the time. Windsor is bringing the newest styles for this fall at the lowest possible prices.

Getting what you pay for

Just like going to the doctor or getting your car tuned up – you have to trust that you are getting what you thought you paid for. Buying a diamond is no different and some jewelers don’t even know what they’re selling to you.