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  1. Green Box #8 :: 12/21/2018

    Green Box #8 :: 12/21/2018

    It’s Friday Dec. 21 and the Green Box out! This week we are featuring the Italian designer, Roberto Coin.  Roberto Coin features a timeless and sophisticated look with each piece fashioning a hidden small ruby that rests against the skin.  This tradition comes from an ancient Egyptian legend that the ruby, if held against the skin, promotes long life, health and happiness.

  2. Green Box #7 :: 12/14/2018

    Green Box #7 :: 12/14/2018

    It’s Friday Dec. 14 and the Green Box out! The brand of the week is Eli Jewels. Eli Jewels uses a contemporary spin on the designs of the Etruscans, Romans and the Greeks. One the brand owners, Fred Makhlouf loves Windsor and Augusta. He’s spent holiday’s with the Windsor family and been a helping hand […]

  3. Green Box #6 :: 12/07/2018

    Green Box #6 :: 12/07/2018

    Founded in 1884, each style of a Breitling Swiss watch, either men’s or women’s, is celebrated for its elegance, precision, quality, and durability. Breitling is inspired by aviation and many timepieces have features utilized by fighter pilots worldwide. Furthermore, Breitling has demonstrated its luxury and versatility by manufacturing lines of watches specifically for divers.

  4. Green Box #5 :: 11/30/2018

    Green Box #5 :: 11/30/2018

    We’re here at week #5 and this week we’re featuring designer Charles Krypell. Charles Krypell is based out of New York and is internationally known for his sophisticated design work and incredibly detailed fine jewelry. He and his family visit to Windsor every year to see us and bring wonderful collections for everyone to see.

  5. Bonus Box :: 11/24/2018

    Bonus Box :: 11/24/2018

    Due to the excitement regarding David Yurman and this being first time that we’ve had them in the Green Box Giveaway, we’re doing a bonus box for this weekend. Our bonus giveaway is a $1650, David Yurman sterling and diamond Crossover set of earrings

  6. Green Box #4 :: 11/23/2018

    Green Box #4 :: 11/23/2018

    Our fourth week giveaway is a $1950, David Yurman pendant with chain. David Yurman is one of the nation’s top jewelry designers and Windsor has thousands of pieces in stock in our store.  We have sterling and gold jewelry, for women and for men

  7. Green Box #3 :: 11/16/2018

    Green Box #3 :: 11/16/2018

    Our third week giveaway is a $1750 William Henry Knife, we just had to do this for all of those guys out there searching. The spearpoint “Blue Star” is made with Sterling silver, Kashmir Blue Topaz, Intrepid Damascus and a Norwegian Blue Spruce Pine Cone. If you haven’t heard of William Henry, they create world class knives with rare and eclectic materials.

  8. Green Box #2 :: 11/09/2018

    Green Box #2 :: 11/09/2018

    The second green box of 2018 is out! This week we are featuring Mikimoto, the legendary brand of pearl and inventor of the pearl culturing process. Dedicated to protecting and propagating stocks of native Akoya oysters depleted by over-harvesting of natural pearls, Kokichi Mikimoto became fascinated with the possibility of producing cultured pearls and in the late 1800’s, Mr. Mikimoto figured it all out and the rest is history.

  9. Green Box #1 :: 11/02/2018

    Green Box #1 :: 11/02/2018

    The first green box of 2018 is out! Our featured brand of the week is Gabriel & Co. Even though Gabriel & Co. has plenty of silver fashion and engagement rings, the gold and diamond fine jewelry is an easy upgrade from a typical fashion silver purchase.

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