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Spotlight :: William Henry

An Eye on Windsor Collection Spotlight William Henry Knives What do woolly Mammoth teeth, aerospace-grade titanium, dinosaur bone, and precious stones have in common?  A WH.  Or, as you may better know it, a William Henry pocketknife.  William Henry is not your everyday, humble knife. Obliterating the dichotomy of form versus function, a William Henry […]

Mother’s Day 2020

While sorting through hundreds of digital photos documenting my son’s first year, I can’t help but reflect on motherhood and the many ways that it shapes me. From the very first second that I held my baby in my arms, I felt an intense heart-wrenching love that nothing else fully compares to. 

Greg Ruth Emerald Engagement Ring

5 Gemstone Engagement Rings to Consider Buying

When it comes to engagement rings, most of us think of traditional diamond settings. However, gemstone engagement rings have been growing in popularity as a fun, exciting, elegant and breathtaking alternative to traditional engagement ring styles. Halle Berry, Jackie Kennedy, Princess Eugenie, Princess Diana, Victoria Beckham and many other high-profile celebrities have opted for gemstone […]

Do your diamonds glow?

Years ago, fluorescence was discovered within diamonds and it’s a factor that may folks know very little about. You can see a diamond’s fluorescence with a black light, but since the sun produces ultraviolet light, you can even see traces of the fluorescence during the day. Fluorescence is the reaction of trace mineral within the diamond that cause the diamond to glow when exposed to ultraviolet light.