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Green Box Status :: Has been found.

Christine Sizemore was from the Edgfield, SC area and at very young age of 2 she witnessed three tragic events back to back. The first was the drowning of Old man Williams in the ditch outside of her home, a man being cut in half at her father’s sawmill and her mother being severely cut in a kitchen accident involving a glass jar. Chris states in her book “I’m Eve” that she remembered seeing a girl standing on the bridge looking down at them during the first incident. No one else seeing the girl, she thought that it may have been possibly her first encounter with what would evolve into the Eve’s.

The alternative personalities couldn’t be quite different from another, one would love to read while the other enjoyed the nightlife. Their walks were different, clothing choices different and their way of speaking was different. Sometimes the personalities could do things that other personalities could not do. Some were artists, some could cook, sew, and drive and some could not.

Mrs. Sizemore found two psychiatrists who understood her problem, and treated her for free. In return, they got her to sign away her life story for $7,000. They wrote a medical journal article, then a series of articles for the lay public in a popular magazine, which was turned into a book and film, 1957’s The Three Faces of Eve, both of which were hits. The book and film implied that she had three personalities (the nice Eve White, the darker Eve Black, and “Jane”), and her doctor essentially cured her with hypnosis.
In 1957, Augusta would have a world premiere of the motion picture The Three Faces of Eve, that celebrities would attend and it would end up being a smash hit. This took place at the Miller Theater down on Broad street. It’s also where the Green Box was hidden.

The flip side of the coin was that She actually had 22 distinct personalities, and was far from being cured. Her eighth psychiatrist helped her the most, she said, over a four-year period starting in 1970. Dr. Tony Tsitos helped her “integrate” the different personalities her mind had developed. “They were all searching for something,” she said in 1993. Tsitos helped her to accept “the fact that it was all right to be myself and I didn’t need these personalities to function, that there would be some people who dislike me and that that’s OK.” In a dream, her personalities “all joined hands and then walked behind a screen and then everything disappeared. They have never come back.

She lectured about mental illness with the theme that the ill could still be productive members of society. She also wrote her own books: The Final Face of Eve (1958), under a pseudonym, which didn’t sell well, and I’m Eve in 1977, in which she finally revealed her real name. A follow-up, A Mind of My Own, followed in 1989. That last book was to be made into a film too, but 20th Century Fox said no: they owned her life rights for that $7,000 payment. Sizemore sued them and won a settlement, but the film was never made.

#1 Clue, Saturday Nov. 18th :: Being under the influence was an assumption, but also a beginning.

“It’ s Ole Man Williams’” “He musta got drunk and fell in. He hasn’t moved; I think he’s dead.”
This was the first of three dramatic experiences that happened to Christine at the age of 2.

#2 Clue, Sunday Nov. 19th :: Near a compound that would initiate a sequence.

Water is compound, water is also what caused Old man Williams to drown, the first of the three traumatic events for Christine. This box was located by the fountain right outside of the Miller. The Miller where Augusta experienced the world premier of 3 Faces of Eve.

#3 Clue, Monday Nov. 20th :: Thought to have enabled what would now be a widely used word.

Diagnosed at a time when multiple personalities were essentially unheard off, the book (3 Faces of Eve) and subsequent movie allowed “split personality” to become a household term, setting the stage for Sybil, the 1973 book (Schreiber, 1973) and 1976 movie (Petrie, 1976) by the same name.

#4 Clue, Tuesday Nov. 21st :: Found on one side of a mirror.

There is mirrored fountain the middle of Broad Street with walking area in between. The Green Box was next to one of the fountains.

#5 Clue, Wednesday Nov. 22nd :: Hoping that one would be afraid of a monster.

Christine’s Mother warned her of the monster that got Old man Williams and that it would get her too if she didn’t stay way from the ditch. She was down at the ditch watching Old man Williams being puled from the water thought.

#6 Clue, Thursday Nov. 23rd :: A singer, retracer, liar, and even one who was blind.

These were personalities of Christine.

Bonus Clue at Gerald Jones Auto Group :: Against that which appears to be lifeless.

The box location was near some plants that looked as if they were almost dead... if not dead.

The Bonus Clue :: From now to the end of this season you'll be able to visit any dealership of the Gerald Jones Auto Group starting at 10am for a bonus clue for each Green Box (that's one clue for the whole week). This clue will not be emailed, texted, on social or on our websites. In turn, the Auto Group will draw one a winner from this season to receive a new $35,000 car! Learn about the details here.

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