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Green Box Status :: Has been found.

One of the most fascinating stories of the CSRA is that of the Hillman Electric Resort. We’ve waited years to tell the story and many of you already know the tale. It took some work to not have you guys find the Green Box immediately and part of that was due to pulling clues out of the book “Rocks that Shock” from 1891 which we found a hardcopy in the Mary Willis Library in Washington, GA. The book filled with incredible testimonies of people that were healed in Hillman, Georgia in Taliaferro County. It states that 50% of people who visited and experienced the resort found relief of their aliments. In addition, two thirds of the people that would visit would feel the effects of the electric rocks. Common characteristics of those who visited who be a strange sensation like being shocked by a battery, tremors, changes in pulse and some would even lose consciousness. Yet many were healed, as testimony there was a storage room full of crutches on the property that were needed upon arrival but discarded upon departure.

The story goes as follows. Mr. Andrew Lafayette Hillman, son of Josephus Hillman and Martha C Roberts was a mineralogist for many years. He acquired the land near Sandy Cross, between Barnett and Washington Georgia, about three miles from Sharon from his father and for years has been sinking shafts in search of gold and alum on his place. Many of these attempts proved unsuccessful; but nothing daunted, in August, 1885, he commenced to sink a shaft at the foot of a mountain, the top of which, hundreds of feet above the Shaft, is capped with huge borders of rock that indicated the presence of alum.

Mr. Hillman was in bad health, but his energy did not desert him. He was suffering from severe rheumatism and dyspepsia, and in the hope that the exercise would relieve him he went under ground, in this particular locality, into the shaft daily and worked an hour or so. A few feet from the surface a fine specimen of Alum Rock was found, and through this, with the aid of drill and blast, the work was pushed. At first it was only a well dug in the side of a hill to find alum water and afterwards found it to contain electricity. While at work men felt a queer sensation while handling the water.

In handling the drill Hillman felt a peculiar sensation, similar to that experienced from a shock given by a galvanic battery. "Sometimes," said he, "the hands could hardly hold the drill. To my astonishment," he continued,” I had accidentally discovered on my farm remarkable cures that had been made sensation in the neighborhood. I found my dyspepsia greatly improved and my rheumatism completely gone. I persevered, and found myself restored to perfect health. I found water at the depth of fifteen feet, and cut under the mountain side of the Rock, at right angles, a square hole in the rock, as a receptacle for the water.

On discovery, curious people with plenty means went down to Mr. Hillman’s Georgia farm to see for themselves the wonders of his electrical discovery. The reputation of the place spread so rapidly, and the need for increased accommodations. It was very noticeable that all the men who worked in and about the Rock greatly improved with health and had enormous appetites, and said they felt so strong and active they wanted to sing and dance.

On the south side of the mountain Mr. Hillman made other discoveries. One was a magic well; the other the Nausea-Cure Spring. The magic water has derived its name from the magic effects it has on curing the worst cases of dyspepsia and indigestion. There were three wells in the shaft containing different kinds of minerals, such as alum, iron, sulfur, etc. Cases of Dyspepsia, Kidney and Liver troubles have been cured by drinking the water alone, while a great rheumatics have cured, leaving their crutches, or greatly benefited by even a short trial. The place had been filled with guests who came from almost every state in the Union. There had been many remarkable cures there, which had given the place a fame extending far and over the country.

The Plantation upon the Electric Rock consisted of 2,700 acres. The scenery was as picturesque as seen anywhere outside of a mountainous country, and the walk and drives were as good as could be found in the highest region of Taliaferro County. The Hotel was a forty room house, modern in its construction and conveniences; electric bell in each room; open fireplaces and wood fires; bathrooms on each floor, provided with hot and cold water. In addition to several mineral waters, they had an abundant supply of freestone water. The Hotel was on an elevation of 600 feet above sea level. Sadly, on Sunday March 3, 1901 the Hillman Hotel was swept away at dawn. Flames went through the big structure like a Tinder Box and it fell to the ground in less than an hour. It was a total loss.

Some of the information above was pulled from "Touring Taliaferro County" by Terri Kimbrel Saturday.
This Green Box was not on the property of resort, but down the road behind a large green waste bin.

#1 Clue, Friday Nov. 3rd :: One would say “The sun do shout” and another believed the sun’s rays were advantageous. 

This is an unusual clue, it is two parts but from the same book. On page 35 regard the songs that the tenants and croppers who lived in comfortable quarters would sing at Christmas.  “THE SUN DO SHOUT” was in reference on sun would rise up shouting on the morning of Christmas.  The second part of this clue refers to page 20 where Mr Hillman’s response to why he thought this other large rock had more power than the other sources on the property was because the it being on the south side of the mountain the hot rays of the sun aid in generating electricity.   

#2 Clue, Saturday Nov. 4th :: This box can be found down the way and behind a vessel. 

The exact location of the Green Box was technically behind a a large green disposal bin on Hillman road just down from the location of the Hillman Electric Resort. 

#3 Clue, Sunday Nov. 5th (clue in advance) :: A chance close to the flip of a coin. 

It is stated on page 10 that “Fully half who go [to the Hillman Electric Resort] get relief…” In times when medicinal help was often not available, a 50/50 shot at being healed or finding relief was worth making the trip.

Bonus Clue at Gerald Jones Auto Group :: When you find this box, it is likely that you’ll have stepped on dust from a saw. 

This has nothing to do with a sawmill, but the box finder will see sawdust all over the ground where the box is located behind the bin.

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