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Green Box Status :: Has been found.

Many of you know of the tale of Emily Tubman, a wealthy local philanthropist has her roots throughout the city of Augusta. She would enlarge the Tubman plantation and other landholdings, as well as build a textile mill and become a major stockholder in a railroad and several banks. She freed her slaves and gave them paid travel to Liberia if they chose to leave (Only about half chose to leave, one became homesick and she paid for his travel home). Emily Tubman would provide funds for building scores of Christian Churches throughout Georgia, including those in Augusta, Atlanta, Athens, Savannah and Sandersville. She not only paid for buildings, but also for the pastor’s salary as these new churches were planted. Mrs. Tubman cared about her community as well. She continued the benevolent work of her husband and she also founded a public high school for girls. It is now the Tubman Middle School in Augusta. She built low cost housing for the soldiers’ widows that were destitute following the Civil War, we know it as the Old Widow's Home. During that war she saw the suffering of the wounded that were housed at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church. At her own expense she purchased the first ice-making machine in the state of Georgia and had it brought by one of the blockade-running ships to Augusta. The defeated Confederate soldiers were able to ride her train free as they traveled home to begin a new life. Tubman Home Road was the location of several houses Tubman built for elderly people, at the end of the road is athletic field that is still part of the The Tubman Home charity and was leased to the YMCA. The Green Box was outside of the field gate near the parking area. This summary does not do justice to the life of Emily Tubman, we encourage you all to read more about her.

#1 Clue, Friday Dec. 9th :: Though the gate may be open, one will not need to pass through it. There is a gate at the entrance of the sports field, this Green Box was located to the left of it.

#2 Clue, Saturday Dec. 10th :: Turns out that a name was quite valuable after all. 
Through this generosity, Emily never lost her focus or her sense of humor. Emily's minister approached her for a donation to rebuild the church after a fire. She told him she would gladly do it if the church honored Christ in its name. The minister tried to convince her there was nothing in a name. After a lengthy discussion, she gave him a check for a handsome sum, signed with the name of one of her servants. The bank refused to cash her check saying, "this name is not known to us." When the minister returned to Emily with the problem, she replied, "You said there was nothing in a name." The First Christian Church stands in Augusta, Georgia.

#3 Clue, Sunday Dec. 11th :: Actions that led to the record span of over 27 years. 
Emily offered the 144 slaves that had belonged to Richard Tubman the opportunity to relocate to Liberia, with 69 accepting the offer. Emily covered the $6,000 cost for relocation. A town in Maryland County, Liberia was named Tubman in her honor, and William Tubman, the grandson of two of her former slaves, served as the 19th president of Liberia during the 20th century. He was the 19th president of Liberia and the longest-serving president in the country's history from his election in 1944 until his death in 1971, which was 27 years, 6 months and 21 days. His inauguration was Jan 3rd, 1944 and he passed away on July 23rd 1971.

#4 Clue, Monday Dec. 12th :: The reason for a French marvel to travel to America. 
During the Civil War, Emily was concerned with the plight of the wounded soldiers, as she walked down Greene St (where the wounded soldiers were kept in churches) and she could hear the moans and groans from the wounded. Near that same time Emily had read about the ice machine that was invented in France. To give relief of their suffering, Emily brought the first ice machine to Georgia and in the book "The Life of Emily Have Thomas Tubman" it is stated that machine was actually the first one to come to America.

#5 Clue, Tuesday Dec. 13th :: A burial near the side of the road. 
The Restoration Movement stated "Emily showed her grit and courage as she buried him beside the road and traveled on to Frankfort." Another source that wasn't searchable was "July 11, 1836, while traveling north from Augusta to Kentucky, chard C. Tubman died in his wife's arms. Emily buried his body in Lincolnton, North Carolina along the way. She would later exhume his body and transport it back to Augusta to be buried in Saint Paul's Church, according to his request. - The Life of Emily Have Thomas Tubman. Another source stated "Emily showed her grit and courage as she buried him beside the road and traveled on to Frankfort." But where Richard finally rested, may be legend…"Montgomery said legend has it that Richard was buried beneath St. Paul's Episcopal Church. That church has had several buildings, and the one Richard was supposedly buried under was destroyed in the fire of 1916. There is no proof to support the legend, Montgomery said." - Augusta Chronicle

#6 Clue, Wednesday Dec. 14th :: To the left of a field along a fence line. 
There is a field that is still under the Tubman charity on Tubman Home Road. It was on this road. Tubman Home Road was the location of several houses Tubman built for elderly people.

#7 Clue, Thursday Dec. 15th :: The presence of a black cloth to remember one who had served. 
The day after Emily Tubman's burial was Sunday. The Frankfort Christian Church (in Kentucky) typically had a large attendance for morning worship. Mrs. Tubman's pew, now empty, was draped in black cloth. The entire serve centered around the life of Mrs. Tubman as a servant of God. Here's an excerpt from the sermon "Here, where so often she has sat in our midst, a devout and dearest worshiper, mingling her voice with ours in songs of praise, and sharing in all the acts of holy worship; here, where so often we have seen her winning smiles and received her kindly greeting as she came and went, ever the same serene, bright, cheery old lady whom all so fondly loved, and so deeply revered; here, where the walls themselves seem to speak her name, and the very air to suggest her presence; where the vacant pew, by its own emptiness asks, "Where is she who through all these years has been wont to return to us with each returning June?" And the spire without, heeding the question, makes reply, as forever pointing upward it says: "Gone, gone to the land of eternal rest."

#8 Clue, Friday Dec. 16th :: Not far from places one made for the elderly. 
Tubman Home Road was the location of several houses Tubman built for elderly people.

At Gerald Jones Auto Group) Bonus Clue :: Notably unsatisfied with a portrayal. 
As a young woman in Kentucky, Emily and her sister had their portrait painted by the artist Matthew Jarrett. She really didn't like the way that it turned out and afterward she rolled up the painting and stuck in the attic.

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