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Green Box Status :: Has been found.

This Green Box was found in Di-Lane Plantation, a perfect fit for a Green Box in the Bird Dog capital of the world. Visitors drive from all over to visit the pet cemetery of Henry Berol who had a deep love for those pets. The headstones belong to horses, cocker spaniels, mules, a cat, and 122 bird dogs. Every headstone is engraved with epitaph in remembrance of the animal’s character: Brownie of Berol was a “Great Pal, Greater Hunter, and Greater Sire.” Berol Lodge Drummer Boy was “a clown” and lived a long life of almost 13 years. Henry Berol was the heir to the Eagle Pencil Company in New York. He purchased the Davis-Kilpatrick Plantations in the 1950’s and later renamed it Di-Lane after his daughters Diane and Elaine. His dream was to develop it as a bird dog training area and run first class field trials that would test the talent and training of bird dogs. He was successful, and yearly field trials were held at the plantation until 1978. Ten years later, the trials returned and continue to be held every year.

#1 Clue, Friday Dec. 2nd :: A selfish fixation of a certain color. 
Henry Berol, a vice-president & a member of the 4th generation of the family that founded the firm in 1856, is addicted to magenta leads, and is the only man at Eagle who is allowed to use that shade. - The New Yorker

#2 Clue, Saturday Dec. 3rd :: This box you'll see at the base of what appears to be a cypress tree. 

#3 Clue, Sunday Dec. 4th :: Made possible by the desire to preserve information. 
Handwriting was initially the first mean of preserving information that was previously only passed down orally. Henry Berol was the heir to Eagle Pencil company which was a massive entity (one of the largest producers in America) in New York that made writing instruments and art supplies. It's no secret that Henry Berol was a wealthy man, he “bought more than 8,000 acres in Burke County.” - WJBF

#4 Clue, Monday Dec. 5th :: Beef, it's what's for dinner. 
"There was even a cook who made meals just for all the dogs - usually hamburger or steak." - The Augusta Chronicle 2012

Bonus Clue: So during church a precious lady came up to my Dad and mentioned that she had looked all over Augusta for this box with no luck. He said "Because it's not in Augusta" - we want to always be fair... and he is technically correct. I'll be posting this on website as well.

#5 Clue, Tuesday Dec. 6th :: Nearby where one wished to rest, but rests there no more. 
Henry wished to be buried along with his pets. Shortly after, his family moved his remains to New York for re-interment.

#6 Clue - would have been tomorrow's clue, Wednesday Dec. 7th :: By wasp, truck, water and even by poison. 
Many of the markers there have endearing phrases on the them, but some have the cause of death.

At Gerald Jones Auto Group) Bonus Clue :: Where two once were, now only one remain. 
There were two wooden dogs flanking brick entry of the cemetery, the left one is still there and the right is no longer there.

From now to the end of this season you'll be able to visit any dealership of the Gerald Jones Auto Group starting on Friday at 10am for a bonus clue for each Green Box (that's one clue for the whole week). This clue will not be emailed, texted, on social or on our websites. In turn, the Auto Group will draw one a winner from this season to receive a new car! Learn about the details on the car here

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