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Green Box Status :: Has been found.

This Green Box was found at Pendleton King park.

#1 Clue, Friday Nov. 18th :: Beneath that which could flow, but today it does not.

The Green Box was located under an old spigot in the back of Pendleton King Park. This was chosen because the history of the cities water supply being tied to the Pendleton King Park area. The swampy area in the back we wanted to stay clear from due to the gator signs.

#2 Clue, Saturday Nov. 19th :: On the way to me, one may go right past 672B.

There’s an M48 Tank in Pendleton King Park that’ pretty hard to miss, on the back of the turret there’s rather large raised “672B” giving a piece of confirmation that whoever sees this is on the right path. 

#3 Clue, Sunday Nov. 20th :: Directly beside that which produces shade but with no walls.

An exact location clue, there’s an old metal shade in the back of the park the box is right at the back the shed.  It has no walls, only pole supports. 

(Clue in Advance) #4 Clue, Monday Nov. 21st :: Written as the first in the state of Georgia and one of the earliest in America.

Turknett Spring, near Heard Avenue in the wooded section of Pendleton King Park, was the source for Augusta's first piped water system in the 1820s. The clean water was transported through wooden pipes made from bored logs that used cast iron couplings to connect the logs.  This was the earliest piped water system in the state of Georgia and one of the earliest in the United States. 

(At Gerald Jones Auto Group) Bonus Clue :: Close to old tracks, but not rail, that are now covered yet still seen.

There's an odd square shaped concrete pad, with many deer tracks imprinted in it that is covered by the shade.

BIG NEWS! From now to the end of this season you'll be able to visit a dealership of the Gerald Jones Auto Group for a bonus clue for each Green Box. This clue will not be emailed, texted, on social or on our websites. For this Green Box, #4, the Auto Group Bonus Clue will be at Gerald Jones Honda. In turn, the Auto Group will draw one a winner from this season to receive a new car! Learn about the details on the car here.

Also, if you want to learn more about the game or haven't signed up for the daily clue to be sent you, you may do so here. Also the Green Box will be not just hidden, but well disguised. Also, there is Facebook group for hunters that can be found here. Please, note that only the first clue of the week will be posted on our social media. Visit Windsor Fine Jewelers today at 2635 Washington Rd, Augusta, GA 30904 or call us at (706) 738-7777