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Green Box Status :: Has Been Found

This Green Box focused on the Great Exposition. In one of the most remarkable community efforts in Augusta history, civic and political leaders successfully launched a Great Exposition. Almost all factions and groups in town pulled together for a rousing event that attracted state, region and national attention and had much to do with defining Augusta as a tourist destination that would attract golf opportunities, which would eventually lead to a well-known tournament each spring. Despite the city's worst flood in 50 years, the fair opened Nov. 8 and ran through Dec. 19 as a rousing success. A parade on Dec. 17 would attract 20,000 spectators.

#1 Clue, Friday Oct. 28th :: Few of us have seen these three facing different directions.

On the commemoration piece for the 1888 Augusta Exposition one site features three figures standing under a structure with "constitution" written above. These three figures face different directions. Here's a photo of the coin/medal, if you own of these… we would really really like to see it.

#2 Clue, Saturday Oct. 29th :: You'll get a particular rate per mile.

A special rate, there was a one cent per mile rate over all railroads leading to Augusta for the Augusta Exposition of 1891. The LA times mentions in 1860 that travel by train was $1.30 for a one way from Baltimore to Washington, D.C. (about 40 miles). This leads us to believe that the standard values may have been closer to three cent per mile, either way it was designed to incentive attendees to the Augusta Exposition.

#3 Clue, Sunday Oct. 30th :: Near a sidewalk, a barrier and that which is real.

The box was located near the fence line, but also near a Coca-cola sign… which we all know is the Real Thing. The Expositions were held near the modern day intersection of Central Avenue and Druid Park Avenue. The Green Box was near this location.

#4 Clue, Monday Oct. 31st :: Said to be the ____est in the South.

The word was largest… according the Augusta Chronicle, the main building of the Exposition was "unquestionably" largest single structure in the South at 960ft long and with 200,000sqft of display space.

#5 Clue, Tuesday Nov. 1st :: Two by electric and by rail to the doors.

The Exposition building and grounds occupied the the conspicuous part of Druid Park and was reached by two lines of electric cars and railroad tracks to the doors.

#6 Clue, Wednesday Nov. 2nd :: That which was wonderful during a not-so-wonderful time.

The first of the Augusta Expositions took place in 1888. That was also was the year of a major flood in the Augusta (The worst in 50 years) area yet still the Exposition was considered "a rousing success" by the Augusta Chronicle.

#7 Clue, Thursday Nov. 3rd :: Thought to have initiated the regular return of those escaping colder weather.

In 1888 Augusta held a national exposition that triggered the winter tourism industry. For decades the wealthy of the North spent their winter months enjoying Augusta’s milder climate in resort hotels or in fine homes they built on the Hill in Summerville. - Dr. Lee Ann Caldwell

(in-store clue) #8 Clue, Friday Nov. 4th :: Not a hotel, church or sporting event, this area of almost 100 acres drew many to Augusta.

The Exposition grounds took up 93 acres.

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