The legendary Bonus Box. There’s usually one per season and it just happened with our Green Box #5. You GUYS asked for a guy prize, we spoke to the owner and here it is! We didn’t have William Henry in our brand line up this year or last year. This box finder won’t win just any William Henry Knife, they’ll receive the 'Arsenal Oak: Benet Series' features a frame of 24k gold Koftgari inlaid with wood from the famous Arsenal Oak tree, estimated at over 250 years old. Commandant of the Arsenal, Colonel J. Walker Benet, had two sons both of whom became writers inspired by the history of the Arsenal and great oak that stood as the center piece. The blade is 'Boomerang' Damascus. The button lock and the thumb stud are set with citrine gemstones. If you haven’t heard of William Henry, they create world class knives with rare and eclectic materials. They also have a wonderful collection of men’s accessories and perfect for the man who is always hard to buy for. See some of the knives we have in the store.

***UPDATE this Box has been found!!***

#1 Clue, Sunday Nov. 28th :: The incredible value of corresponding numbers.

“I think there were eight wards in the City, then, watched over from the Bell Tower,” remembered Charlie Benson, who grew up in Augusta in the 1880s. From the tower “in case of undue smoke in the daytime or glare at night, came the deep sound of Big Steve’s alarm ringing out the number of the ward the watchman reckoned the fire to be located in. The location of Big Steve was 8th and Greene.

#2 Clue, Monday Nov. 29th :: 2. An exchange of hands, to someone northwest of Augusta.

St. Louis, Missouri is northwest of Augusta, GA, albeit 700 miles away. When the tower came down in 1894, Big Steve was hauled to the steps of the Courthouse and eventually sold to a company in St. Louis.

#3 Clue, Tuesday Nov. 30th :: Thought to be the brilliant idea of an elected official.

According to the book, Augusta and Summerville, the bell was christened “ Big Steve ” in honor of city councilman Stephen Heard, who originated the idea of the alarm tower.

#4 Clue, Wednesday Dec. 1st :: One to replace another, with a weight change of 25%.

Actually there were two Big Steves; the first 6,000-pound bell was replaced by one 8,000 pounds.

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