We’re featuring designer Charles Krypell. Charles Krypell is based out of New York and is internationally known for his sophisticated design work and incredibly detailed fine jewelry. He and his family visit to Windsor every year to see us and bring wonderful collections for everyone to see. It’s one thing to have quality jewelry, but our friendships with Krypell's take their creations to the next level. The box finder will receive an 18K Yellow Gold Ring with Amethyst and diamonds from the Pastel Collection. ***UPDATE :: This box has been found***

#1 Clue, Friday Nov. 5th :: Nestled nicely between an old fence and a tree, from here it’s history you’ll see.

This box located near the edge of the Old Ferry Road near the El Cordero Rancho.

#2 Clue, Saturday Nov. 6th :: One who had what many desired, yet desired what many had.

The founder of what we now call Martinez was José Antonio Martínez y Saldívar, a wealthy man from Cuba. He wanted to be an American soldier, but was not. This clue references the fact that many people were in the service, but few had wealth.

#3 Clue, Sunday Nov. 7th :: A founder thought to be remembered in a distant place with a wood textured cross and vine.

The references that we found to his tombstone in Jacksonville, Florida, had wood texture cross with a vine that you can see if you look closely.

#4 Clue, Monday Nov. 8th :: The name was too similar, so another was chosen.

When a railroad depot was built at the family's plantation in 1915, the name Lulaville was suggested, in honor of the youngest of the Martinez daughters. It was rejected by the U.S. Postal Service, because Georgia already had a Lulaville, and so Martinez stuck, said Mr. Smith, who wrote To Seek a Newer World: A History of Columbia County, Georgia.

#5 Clue, Tuesday Nov. 9th :: It’s believed that a transaction of $5000, led to a name to which we all now know.

"Whether Mr. Martínez had connections in the Augusta area prior to arrival is uncertain, but he quickly purchased 835 acres for $5000 in 1869 in what we now know of as the town of his family name." from the lecture given by Heather J. Abdelnur, Ph.D. at the Columbia County Library.

#6 Clue, Wednesday Nov. 10th (Unreleased) :: This is the place, there’s no revolution here.

According to the Augusta History Museum, Antonio Martinez y Saldivar and his family fled their home in Camaguey, Cuba, to escape a revolution.

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