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***Update this box has been found***

Jimmie Dyess is also the only known American to receive both the Carnegie Medal for civil heroism as well as the Medal of Honor. Jimmie Dyess was an Eagle Scout who went to Clemson and played on the football team and the rifle team. He was participated in ROTC and served his country heroically. He was killed in action in Japan while while leading troops to rescue fellow Marines that were behind enemy lines. While in Boy Scouts, Jimmy Dyess on the left helped assemble the frames of the Mess and Cook tent at Camp Conely on the Langley Pond, the box was located close to that location.

#1 Clue, Friday Dec. 18th :: The peril of 400.

The peril of 400 feet from the wading water. Jimmie Dyess helped pull two woman to safety through 400ft rough water for 400ft and was award the Carnegie Medal for such a heroic act.

#2 Clue, Saturday Dec. 19th :: Quite simply resting at the base of a tree.

Possibly the most literal clue of the year, because the Green Box is sitting at the base of a tree.

#3 Clue, Sunday Dec. 20th :: For a window of time, one who recorded the times.

After college, Dyess accepted a job as a timekeeper for the Augusta Lumber Company, as it was the only job available in the depression-ridden area.

#4 Clue, Monday Dec. 21st :: Highest score ever by a particular type of team.

A knee injury prevented him from playing his senior year.
 He became an expert marksman on the Clemson rifle team, leading the team to the highest ever finish by an ROTC team in the National Team Matches at Camp Perry, Ohio in 1930.

#5 Clue, Tuesday Dec. 22nd :: Named for that which is haunted by a spirit seen in yellow.

Langley England is reputed to be haunted by a ghost in a yellow coat. According to Wikipedia, Langley, South Carolina is named is for Langley, in England. Langley is reputed to be haunted by a ghost in a yellow coat. (*the wiki page was edited after the contest with an alternate origin, but did not provide the documentation of the alternate reference.)

#6 Clue, Wednesday Dec. 23rd :: Standing flat, walk towards the three stripes and look to your left.

If standing on the concrete under the picnic shelter on northwestern bluff of Langley Pond, on will see a post near the water’s edge that has three stripes. On the way to the three stripes, the box at the base of one of the trees to the left.

#7 Clue, Thursday Dec. 24th :: Losing one ability only to propel another.

Dyess was on the Clemson football team, he suffered a career ending knee injury his junior year and was unable to play ball his senior year. “With his college football career at an end, Dyess’s interest in sports now shifted from football to the rifle team… Dyess had been a member of the rifle team ever since he was. freshman, but by the late fall of his junior year he was devoting increasing attention to his skills as a marksmen.” During his senior year, Dyess served as captain of the Clemson rifle team.

#8 Clue, Friday Dec. 25th :: Forward for those in the face of calamity.

On February 2nd 1944, Dyess was killed in action. He discovered that there were Marines trapped behind enemy lines and he organized a small rescue force. They broke through enemy lines and were fired upon. On the second day, Dyess was struck by a bullet to the head and it killed him instantly. He was awarded the Medal of Honor for this action. There's a whole display for Jimmie Dyess at the Augusta Museum of History (mention the Green Box if you go).

#9 Clue, Saturday Dec. 26th :: Poor eyesight hindered the ambition to become a pilot.

According to the Book Courage, Compassion, Marine: The Unique Store of Jimmie Dyess; After an exhilarating airplane ride at Daniel Field, Jimmie fell in love with the idea of becoming a pilot, on numerous occasions he tried to become a military aviator but only to be turned down because of imperfect eyes.

#10 Clue, Sunday Dec. 27th :: An accomplishment that began in 1912 continues today.

Jimmie Dyess attained the rank of an Eagle Scout which is the highest in the Boy Scouts. The first ever Eagle Scout was Arthur R. Eldred and he became the first man in American to earn the Eagle Scout award on August 21, 1912.

#11 Clue, Monday Dec. 28th :: Take a break on a northwestern hill, you’ve walked much, now share a meal.

Though we couldn’t locate the exact point of Camp Conley, one reference pointed us to a “northwestern bluff on the bank” of the pond. The closest one, which is above the halfway point on the northwestern side, has a concrete slab with a shelter and 2 sets of picnic tables - using this clue, clue number 6 would lead a hunter to the box.

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