GREEN BOX #5 :: 11/26/20

Box #5.  Here it goes, and this box is out early.  Our featured brand of the week is Gabriel & Co. Even though Gabriel & Co. has plenty of silver fashion and engagement rings, the gold and diamond fine jewelry is a wonderful way to upgrade from a typical fashion silver purchase. Believe it or not, they have 14k gold and diamond pieces in Windsor that start around $200. This week the Box Finder will receive 3 PIECES of 14k yellow Gabriel & Co. and all of the pieces are from the Bujukan Collection. They’ll win a pair of 14k earrings, a 14k and Diamond Bracelet and as well as a 14k and Diamond Pendant with Chain all with a total retail value of $2300. Come by the store and try on a piece for a clue a day in advance (we’re closed on Thanksgiving)

***Update :: This box has been found***

#1 Clue, Thursday Nov. 26th :: The legend of a foiled surprise.

According to the Aiken Standard, Monday, July 5 1971, Legend has it that Francic Marion, the Swamp Fox, and some of his men once used Rose Hill as his headquarters and hid out there. The British upon hearing of this, came, hoping to surprise him. Instead the British were captured, hung in the yard to the rear of the house and buried in the basement.

#2 Clue, Friday Nov. 27th :: Across from an old inn that no longer serves as one.

Rose Hill was actually built in approximately 1756 and was first used as a stage coach Inn between Aiken and Augusta.  This box was located across at the sidewalk.

#3 Clue, Saturday Nov. 28th :: Ropes in the rear, shovels in the bottom.

This was in reference to the legend of what the Swamp Fox did to the British.

#4 Clue, Sunday Nov. 29th :: Near by that which was said to be owned by the governor.

This home was said to be owned at one time by Gov. James Henry Hammond of South Carolina. He renovated it for by his mother.

#5 Clue, Monday Nov. 30th :: You can find this box without leaving the sidewalk.

This box was literally hidden directly off the sidewalk across the street.

#6 Clue, Tuesday Dec. 1st :: The Devil himself could not catch him.

In November of 1780, Marion earned the nickname he’s remembered by today. British Lieutenant Colonel Banastre Tarleton, informed of Marion’s whereabouts by an escaped prisoner, chased the American militia for seven hours, covering some 26 miles. Marion escaped into a swamp, and Tarleton gave up, cursing, “As for this damned old fox, the Devil himself could not catch him.” The story got around, and soon the locals—who loathed the British occupation—were cheering the Swamp Fox.

#7 Clue, Wednesday Dec. 2nd :: A hill of flowers that you can’t find in Aiken.

Rose Hill was the name of the location, but not the Rose Hill in Aiken.

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