***Update*** This Box has been found!
Found by Kathleen Sheaff from Augusta, GA
It’s Friday, October 30th and it's our FIRST week of the hunt for the Green Box. This week we are featuring designer John Hardy.  John Hardy jewelry is handmade in Bali and based on the artistry of the Balinese.  The company focused on sustainability, being environmentally friendly and furthering its unique style into the highest realms of luxury.
The Naga collection brings to life the Balinese legend of the dragon, a revered mythological creature symbolizing prosperity and good luck. In these legends, the dragon is known as the lover of the pearl and must dive from his volcano-top home to sea to visit his love. Each morning when he returns, his path brings water through rice fields.
The water produces a bountiful rice harvest, supporting the Balinese farmer. The collection's pieces are rich with detail and gemstones, reflecting the origins of the inspiration. This week’s box finder will receive two matching items from the Naga Collection. The first item is a Sterling silver 34" pendant necklace set with a blend of pavé blue sapphire, black sapphire and black spinal that retails for $1295. The second item is pair of Naga stud earrings with blue sapphire. See some of our John Hardy Collection online.
#1 Clue, Friday Oct. 30th :: What was once in motion, but is no more.

The waterfall within the pocket garden on the riverwalk is just a pool of water now. This box was anchored in the corner of this tribute to a sister city of Augusta, which was Takarazuka, Japan.

#2 Clue, Saturday Oct. 31st :: Where certain types of sounds are not allowed.

The pocket garden is located on the Riverwalk, and according to posted signage “Playing of Radios or sound recording devices on the Riverwalk is Prohibited.

#3 Clue, Sunday Nov. 1st :: Gifts of two and six.

In 1993, a cultural festival in Augusta honored Japanese rowers taking part in the Augusta Invitational Rowing Regatta. More than 100 delegates from the sister city came to Augusta, bringing along the two sculptures as a gift. Mayor Charles DeVaney sent six pink dogwood trees back to Takarazuka.
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