Mother’s Day 2020

While sorting through hundreds of digital photos documenting my son’s first year, I can’t help but reflect on motherhood and the many ways that it shapes me. From the very first second that I held my baby in my arms, I felt an intense heart-wrenching love that nothing else fully compares to. 

I knew that having a child would change my life. Every sonogram, every kick in my belly, every hour of labor… all increased my love and anticipation for the child that would someday call me Mom. But, holding him in my arms for the first time was like seeing love in a full rainbow of color instead of just black and white.

As I watch my son grow, I’m struck by the bittersweet nature of his milestones and accomplishments. It’s exciting to see him take first steps and learn new things, but boy does time fly! One of the paradoxes of parenthood is that our children will eventually grow up and be their own persons. But they will always be a part of us and we will always be there for them. 

Who do you think I call when I’m at a loss about how to handle a situation with my toddler? My Mom, of course!

In the twelve years that I’ve been helping people pick out meaningful jewelry, I especially enjoy Mother’s Day. There’s the brand new dad carrying his infant — beaming with pride behind tired eyes; there’s the dad-to-be — well rested and excited for what’s to come; there’s the spouse with wiggly school aged children — will they be able to keep the gift a secret? 

And then there are the young adults, stepping up to make that purchase by themselves. There’s the new mom, with a greater appreciation for all that her own mother does. Her mom is now a confidant, an advisor, and a friend. She understands the way a mother gives herself to her child. She wants to give her mom something special to show her love and appreciation… and she’s come to the right place.

A quote from one of my son’s favorite books is “Mama’s love is like the air. Everywhere you go… it wraps around and hugs you close.” While nothing can match this, it makes me think of how special it is for a mother to feel wrapped in her family’s love with a necklace that reminds her of an appreciative hug, or with stackable bands showing off each child’s birthstone, or with a bracelet that is just her style — because sometimes moms like a treat that is just for us! No matter what you pick for her, she’ll always remember receiving the special gift from her family. 

Let’s celebrate all moms, mothers, mamas, birth moms, adoptive moms, your mom or your children’s mom! Mothers love us, guide us, teach us, and are always there for us. Let us help you be there for your mom this year!