GREEN BOX #5 :: 11/29/2019

Green Box #5 is out! This week Breitling is back with a Colt Skyracer timepiece that retails at $2000. He’s wanted a fine timepiece, now’s the opportunity to find one. Founded in 1884, each style of a Breitling Swiss watch, either men’s or women’s, is celebrated for its elegance, precision, quality, and durability. Breitling is inspired by aviation and many timepieces have features utilized by fighter pilots worldwide. Furthermore, Breitling has demonstrated its luxury and versatility by manufacturing lines of watches specifically for divers.  Come by the store and try on a Breitling for a clue a day in advance.

***This box has been found***

The box was based on the story of Edgefield’s Becky Cotton, the Devil in Petticoats.
Read the story of Becky Cotton here…

#1 Clue, Friday Nov. 29th :: Bricks may be found where a structure never was.
Legend has it that she dragged the lifeless bodies of these men to a deep section of Beaverdam Creek, wrapped them in bricks, and threw them into the murky water. This spot has become known as Beck’s Hole (now a part of Slade Lake), and it is said that the wails of these men can sometimes be heard from the bottom of the hole.

#2 Clue, Saturday Nov. 30th :: The way winds through the tall pines.
The path that winds around Slade lake, passing by all of the fishing docks, cuts through some very large and tall pine trees.  Soon after those trees, the path ends and the box was located there.

#3 Clue, Sunday Dec. 1st :: A resolution brought by stone.
Becky’s brother, Stephen, spotted Becky on the courthouse steps, on May 5, 1807, while she was flirting with a young man. Stephen knew that Becky had evil inside her, and was sick of seeing her get away with all her crimes.  Without a moment’s hesitation, Stephen grabbed a stone off the ground, ran up to her, and hit her in the side of the head.  Becky fell to her death, surrounded by a pool of blood. Stephen was never charged with the murder of Becky.  Stephen migrated west and even took several of Becky’s children with him when he left. 

#4 Clue, Monday Dec 2nd :: This box rests where the spirits do not.
The spot where this supposedly took place is referred to as Beck’s hole, which is now a part of Slade Lake. Some say that you can hear the wails of these men from the bottom of the hole.  Others have said that Becky can be seen searching the area for her next husband.

#5 Clue, Tuesday Dec 3rd :: A swing, a sip and a poke.
Three of the known methods that Becky Cotton used against her husbands were; swinging an axe, putting nightshade in tea and stabbing with a mattress needle.

#6 Clue, Wednesday Dec 4th :: Beauty on the outside, but evil on the inside.
She was put on trial for murder, but her bewitching beauty captivated the all-male jury and she was acquitted of all charges. She actually ended up marrying one of the jurors as well (Major Ellis).

#7 Clue, Thursday Dec 5th (in-store clue) ::  A burst of water is where the path begins, but the hunt begins where the path ends.
The box was at the end of the path that was at Slade Lake.