GREEN BOX #4 :: 11/21/2019

The designer this week is David Yurman! David Yurman is one of the nation’s top jewelry designers and Windsor has thousands of pieces in stock in our store.  We have sterling and gold jewelry, for women and for men.  This week’s box finder will receive a Continuance pendant from David Yurman.  This piece is fashioned from sterling silver, embellished with sparkling pavé set diamonds and suspended on a 36” box chain.  Remember, you can come into Windsor, try on a piece of Yurman and get a clue a day in advance.

***This Box has been found***

#1 Clue, Friday Nov. 22nd :: Ideas for fun came in groovy times.
Flickers of interest in reviving the Canal for recreational use began to appear by the mid-1970s. A state park was proposed and efforts made to have the canal and its 19th Century mills declared a National Historic Landmark. While the state park never materialized, growing public interest in the Canal’s historic and scenic potential led to several important developments.

#2 Clue, Saturday Nov. 23rd :: It alone, remains as it was intended.
On the National Historic Civil Engineering Landmark Plaque it states “…It was the first canal in the United States built for the multiple purposes of the Water Power, Water Supply, and transportation, and is the only existing canal continuously operated for all of its original uses.

#3 Clue, Sunday Nov. 24th :: Street lights and Street Cars.
As the electric age began to dawn, Augusta began to turn the canal’s falling water power to drive the first electrical generation equipment. By 1892, Augusta boasted both electric streetcars and street lights — the first Southern city to have these amenities.

#4 Clue, Monday Nov. 25th :: One of two parallel paths near a clearing, but not the path you’re on.
This is a strict location clue, it was very close to the clearing on the canal, near the clearing there is a lower access path.

#5 Clue, Tuesday Nov. 27th :: A trail off the path between two small concrete towers.
This is a second, strict location clue, once you going between the two concrete markers you’ll get much closer.

(in store clue)#6 Clue, Wednesday Nov. 28th :: Walk the small creek and veer right, right before the end.
This box was just near the base of a tree overlooking our beautiful river.