GREEN BOX #3 :: 11/15/2019

This week we are featuring Mikimoto, the legendary brand of pearl and inventor of the pearl culturing process. Dedicated to protecting and propagating stocks of native Akoya oysters depleted by over-harvesting of natural pearls, Kokichi Mikimoto became fascinated with the possibility of producing cultured pearls and in the late 1800’s, Mr. Mikimoto figured it all out and the rest is history. The piece of the week that the box finder will receive is an Akoya 7.5mm pearl pendant set in 18KWG, accented with diamonds on an 18” chain. This item retails for $1600.  We have a few Mikimoto pieces online, but most of our inventory is in-store.

If you come into Windsor and try on a piece of Mikimoto and you’ll get to see a clue a day in advance. For more information on this box, visit

***This box has been found*** the box was near the Oliver Hardy Museum in Harlem.

#1 Clue, Friday Nov. 15th :: A relationship that started with theft.
The Lucky Dog was the first film that starred both Hardy and Laurel, Hardy played the role of a thief.

#2 Clue, Saturday Nov. 16th :: Not held down by the impact of tragedy.
Hardy was the youngest of five children. His older brother Sam drowned in the Oconee River; Hardy pulled him from the river but was unable to resuscitate him.