GREEN BOX #2 :: 11/08/2019

The second green box of 2019 is out! Our featured brand of the week is Gabriel & Co. Even though Gabriel & Co. has plenty of silver fashion and engagement rings, the gold and diamond fine jewelry is an easy upgrade from a typical fashion silver purchase. Believe it or not, they have 14k gold and diamond pieces in Windsor that start at $200. The piece of the week that the box finder will receive is a Gabriel & Co. 14k yellow gold and diamond bangle bracelet retailing for $1560. You can see some of our Gabriel collection online.

As for this box, the clues are a mix of the direct location and information regarding why we chose this area. We will not tell you which clues fall into what category.  As for accessibility, this box will be on level ground and accessible for almost everyone.  You will need to know the location, you will not stumble upon this box.

This box has been found.  It was in relation to Camp Hancock and located at Wood Park (108th field artillery)

#1 Clue, Friday Nov. 8th :: Near the land where twin flags fly.
The location was at Wood Park in Augusta, Ga.  There happen to be two small American flags crossed in a fence in the parking lot.  Unless you’ve seen them, you wouldn’t know they were there, but they would confirm that you were on the right track.  Just like we did with this box.

#2 Clue, Saturday Nov. 9th :: When the challenges of finding a spot arise, the box has been known to use a disguise. (This week’s box is in a higher visibility area, therefore required an actual disguise to remain in the relevant area.)

#3 Clue, Sunday Nov. 10th :: Yes, I heard about it today, it was just two of them, wait, now it’s over seven hundred?
Spanish Influenza, it took a toll on Camp Hancock. In late September 1918, new draftee replacements for the Fort Screven Coast Artillery units began reporting to the infirmary seriously ill. Within a few days, it became clear that the men had contracted the dreaded Spanish flu. On October 1 the number of ill at Augusta’s Camp Hancock jumped from 2 to 716 in just a few hours. The next day, Camp Gordon near Atlanta reported that 138 soldiers had contracted the virus. On October 5 Camp Hancock was quarantined with 3,000 cases of flu, but the quarantine came too late, as 47 cases had already reached the nearby city; by evening, more than 50 soldiers were dead, while many more had contracted pneumonia. Though seriously affected by the Spanish flu epidemic, Georgia escaped the massive numbers of sick and dying counted in other states along the East Coast.

#4 Clue, Monday Nov. 11th Central’s grove lives to remember.
The location of the Hero’s Grove.  A living memorial to our locals that gave their lives in WWI.  The marker and trees are in the median of Central Avenue.  This wasn’t far from the park or Camp Hancock itself and was in relation to establishing our location for this box.  Read the story on the grove.