BONUS GREEN BOX :: 11/16/2019

Way to go you guys, you found a box by the clues in less than 24hrs.  This is a bonus round from Eli Jewels and the prize is one of his awesome cuff bracelets.  The bracelet is crafted in Sterling Silver and 18KYG and features Moonstone and Chrome Diopside. Eli Jewels uses a contemporary spin on the designs of the Etruscans, Romans and the Greeks. One the brand owners, Fred Makhlouf loves Windsor and Augusta. He’s spent holidays with the Windsor family and been a helping hand to set up for Thunder Over Evans for many years.  We will release a clue every day until the box is found, but if you stop by the store and try on a piece of Eli Jewels, you’ll get a clue a day in advance. The Bonus Green Box is out as of now. Happy hunting.

Found by Jackey Maahs, from North Augusta but lives in Martinez, GA

#1 Clue, Saturday Nov. 16th :: The answer for a dangerous duo
The boll weevil and the great depression took a toll on Augusta and the city stocked Lake Olmstead with over 10,000 fish in order to families and locals to fish for food, and for fishermen who couldn’t afford to travel to fish.

#2 Clue, Sunday Nov. 17th :: The two that once were adored are no more.
Records show that during the times Lake Olmstead’s pinnacle there were two large islands in the lake. One of them had an inquiry to be purchased for a homesite, while both islands were enjoyed as sailboats and rowboats would hold races around them. Sadly those two islands are no longer there.

#3 Clue, Monday Nov. 18th :: A legend of treasure.
In celebration Lake View Park and Julian Smith Casino, a mammoth-sized stage was constructed on the shortline of Olmstead and a colossal production of the “Legend of Silver Bluff” took place.  Told through song and dialogue, the show featured 65 characters, 175 ensemble and chorus members and twenty singers.  The production was base on the adventures of DeSoto and his soldiers and the legend of his search for gold and interaction with the native Americans and taking their princess for hostage.  Legend was that this happened 12 miles downriver from Augusta.

#4 Clue, Tuesday Nov. 19th :: Home made stole the honor.
There was such an excitement to be the first person to boat on Olmstead, that a lottery system was made to help manage the honor of doing so.  Two brothers built a makeshift boat named the “Home made, emerged from a hidden cover and proudly took the honor.  These were the Platt brothers, also known from the Platt’s Funeral Home.

#5 Clue, Wednesday Nov. 20th :: The lasting decline that began in 49.
May in 1949, was the first time that the crystal clear waters of Lake Olmstead had the delaying opening of the beach due to contamination through Rae’s Creek.  Urban runoff, fertilizers, litter, siltation, and even sewage were continuous issues for Olmstead.  Chasing down the exact culprit was a very difficult task with such a growing city and large creek basin (it went as far as frontage road and I-20).

#6 Clue, Thursday Nov. 21st :: Nearest to Nove.
Besides the word for Casino being Italian, the aqueduct was plugged by Italian masons to help create the lake. The box was located near the 9th tee box of the disc golf course.  The italian word for 9 is Nove.

#7 Clue, Friday Nov. 22nd :: 
That sure is some good water, maybe it could be the city’s supply.
In 1882, it was proposed by local business owners to build a new waterworks to draw the city’s water supply with the capacity of up to 10million gallons per day.