Green Box #7 :: 12/14/2018

It’s Friday Dec. 14 and the Green Box out! The brand of the week is Eli Jewels. Eli Jewels uses a contemporary spin on the designs of the Etruscans, Romans and the Greeks. One the brand owners, Fred Makhlouf loves Windsor and Augusta. He’s spent holiday’s with the Windsor family and been a helping hand to set up for Thunder Over Evans for many years.  We will release a clue everyday until the box is found, but if you stop by the store and try on a piece of Eli Jewels, you’ll get a clue a day in advance.

The piece of the week the box finder will receive is a Eli Jewels, Aegean Collection Cuff Bracelet. The bracelet is crafted in Sterling Silver and features Moonstone, Pink Sapphire and Diamond. The piece retails for $3000

***This box has been found***

#1 Clue, Friday Dec. 14th :: An Italian name that confuses Americans.
Contrary to popular belief, Julian Smith Casino was never an actually Casino.  According to the Augusta Chronicle the Italian word “Casino” means a place to meet and socialize, not a gambling den.

#2 Clue Saturday Dec. 15th :: The monkey waves at the squirrel.
There once was Zoo in the lake Olmstead Area, they had monkeys, squirrel, birds, alligators and other animals too.