The first green box of 2018 is out! Our featured brand of the week is Gabriel & Co. Even though Gabriel & Co. has plenty of silver fashion and engagement rings, the gold and diamond fine jewelry is an easy upgrade from a typical fashion silver purchase. Believe it or not, they have 14k gold and diamond pieces in Windsor that start at $200. The piece of the week that the box finder will receive is a Gabriel & Co. 14k yellow gold and diamond Y Knots Necklace retailing for $1530. You can see some of our Gabriel collection online. Also the box will only be hidden in the CSRA.

If you come into Windsor and try on a piece of Gabriel & Co. you'll get to see a clue a day in advance.

***This box has been found***

#1 Clue, Friday Nov. 2nd :: An "M" that will not fade away.
(Clue Reveal – The first clue was when Henry Schultz, the founder of Hamburg, had accused a man of theft and the man died while in Schultz’s custody.  Shultz was convicted of manslaughter. He was sentenced to jail time and then to be branded on the hand with the letter 'M'.  Somehow Shultz obtained a pardon from the governor, and apparently escaped the branding.)

#2 Clue, Saturday Nov. 3rd :: The world's first to 136.
In 1833, the world’s longest railroad of 136 miles went from Charleston to Hamburg, SC.

#3 Clue, Sunday Nov. 4th :: A wound to the head is no wound to the mind.
(Clue Reveal – Though Henry Schultz had built the best bridge over the Savannah, the Panic of 1819 caused financial difficulty, Schultz blamed it on the citizens of Augusta and tried to commit suicide. He put a pistol in mouth and its said the bullet came out between his eyes. He lived, went on to build Hamburg and remain the proprietor of it.)

#4 Clue, Monday Nov. 5th :: Just few steps away from tragedy.
(Clue Reveal – If looking into Hamburg from Augusta side the tragedy of the Hamburg Massacre happen in center and right side of the town. Our box was on the left right outside of the town's area.)

#5 Clue, Tuesday Nov. 6th :: Better retreat to higher ground.
(Clue Reveal – Also in the old Hamburg area was what later became a booming brick business. The brick quarry was (Brick Pond Park) had multiple businesses operating down there making bricks and pottery. The Savannah flooding in 1929 made them move up the hill to Buena vista.  The quarry’s flooded and now are ponds.)

#6 Clue, Wednesday Nov. 7th (in store clue) :: Once fine alkaline, today we play and on land you’ll find.
(Clue Reveal – Alkaline glazed clay, the Edgefield county clay made extraordinary bricks, a shining example of the quality of can be seen even today at Sacred Heart. The box was located in the Brick Pond Park near a little water fall and bench)