Green Box Giveaway Week #8

The Green Box is out for one last time before Christmas.  This week we have a little something in store for the guys out there, a Breitling timepiece. Founded in 1884, each style of a Breitling Swiss watch, either men’s or women’s, is celebrated for its elegance, precision, quality, and durability. Breitling is inspired by aviation and many timepieces have features utilized by fighter pilots worldwide. Furthermore, Breitling has demonstrated its luxury and versatility by manufacturing lines of watches specifically for divers.

The piece of the week the box finder will receive is a Breitling 74 caliber, SuperQuartz movement with Thermocompensated Quartz electronic, EOL Indicator & Dial Aperture Calendar. The piece retails for $2000.

Please keep in mind, that our box is not hidden in a place that is dangerous. If you would like a clue in a day in advance, come in and try on a Breitling timepiece.

UPDATE ***this box has been found***
Found by Wesley Latch from Augusta, GA

Area Clue: There is no area this week.

This is the tale of Wylly Barron, according to the New York Times, one of the best-known ante-war gamblers of the South, who was well known on the Mississippi River from St. Louis to New-Orleans.

Saturday Dec. 16th Clue: Two is company.
(Clue Reveal – Wylly Barron and Peter Creitz ran a magnificent gambling establishment in this city. The establishment was fitted out with every luxury that the mind of a man could invent. Barron and Creitz were worth hundreds of thousands of dollars, and immense sums of money were won and lost in their place, the place was the Atkinson Hotel.)

Sunday Dec. 17th Clue: 
The walls I now see were probably not my own.
(Clue Reveal – The location of the box was near the location of the Atkinson Hotel, just down from the Genesta, between Jackson (8th) and Campbell (9th) on Ellis Street.)

Monday Dec. 18th Clue: Signs that simply paint the path.
(Clue Reveal – Though nothing remains for us to see of the Atkinson Hotel, you can still see the painted sign from the Genesta on the side of the building which was said to be very close.)

Tuesday Dec. 19th Clue: A love for the finest of things.
(Clue Reveal – According to the book “Memoirs of Judge Richard H. Clark” from 1898, he state the Wylly Baron dress elegantly, strictly observed fashions and was adorned with ornaments of diamonds, gold and gem of precious stones worn appropriately. He was an impressive man, even picturesque.)

Wednesday Dec. 20th Clue: Please put it in the water.
(Clue Reveal – Late one night in the 1860’s, Wylly won a hand (he had a habit of doing so), and the loser was furious. He set a curse upon Wylly, telling him that when Wylly died, he should not even have a grave to shelter him. This proved to be the man’s final wish, and it terrified Wylly. Though he never gave up gambling, the experience did lead him to donate large sums to several charities and to construct a mausoleum for himself in Magnolia Cemetery — while he was still a young man in excellent health. He was so scared of the gambler’s curse, in fact, that he demanded in his will that his body be placed in the vault, sealed up, and the key thrown straight into the Savannah River. Today, the tomb is still there, the only mausoleum in this cemetery (or possibly any cemetery) with no door in sight, and no key for the keyhole.)

Thursday Dec. 21st Clue: You can repent for a lesson.
(Clue Reveal – Many a young fellow who lost money would complain, and always get his money back on the condition that he would never gamble again.)