Green Box Giveaway Week #4

It’s Wednesday Nov. 22nd and the Green Box out! The brand of the week is Eli Jewels Eli Jewels uses a contemporary spin on the designs of the Etruscans, Romans and the Greeks. One the brand owners, Fred Makhlouf loves Windsor and Augusta. He’s spent holiday’s with the Windsor family and been a helping hand to set up for Thunder Over Evans for many years.

The piece of the week the box finder will receive is a Eli Jewels, Aegean Sterling and & 18k yellow gold pendant with chain. The pendant is embellished with diamond and features a beautiful blue topaz. The piece retails for $1795. 

Please keep in mind, that our box is not hidden in a place that is dangerous. If you would like a clue in a day in advance, come in and try on a piece of Eli Jewels.

***Update: This box has been found***

Area Clue: Augusta, Ga
Wednesday Nov. 22nd Clue: From Charleston to Augusta.
Clue Reveal: The kathryn s. Paddle boat  Wheel replica is located on the Riverwalk and that that boat was built in Charleston and brought to Augusta.