Wednesday Nov. 8th, we've hidden the Green Box once again.  The Windsor brand of the week is Gabriel & Co. and they are quite a brand. Gabriel & Co. is unique to Windsor because we would consider them a true, "full spectrum" brand. Many brands have a highlight category or a type of jewelry that they really focus on - yet, Gabriel & Co. does very well in multiple in areas, entry fashion silver (starting from $75), fashion gold and diamond (starting from $450) and of course, engagement rings that are second to none.  Remember that if you want to see a clue in advance, you can come in and try on a piece of Gabriel & Co.

The piece of the week the box finder will recieve is a Gabriel & Co. 14k yellow gold and diamond ladies’ ring from the Hampton Collection retailing for $1075


The Area hint:  North Augusta
Wednesday Nov. 8th Clue: Something in North Augusta that has been left twice.
(Clue Reveal - A left side smokestack that is one of few items left from the Hampton Terrace structure.)
Thursday Nov. 9th Clue: The story may be different if what still stands is all that had ever stood.
(Clue Reveal - The Hampton Terrace was the largest wooden structure in the world at the time of its construction)
Friday Nov. 10th Clue: Once ever so high from the ground, could now be mistakenly seen as a mound.
(Clue Reveal - The remains of the smoke stack are a mound)