Mother's day is such a wonderful day to show Mom how much you care.  We know first hand that it can be tough to find something meaningful enough to express your love for her.  This is especially true for children and this year, we wanted really do something fun to help out a couple lucky kids on those gift ideas.

This Mother's Day we're combining rock hunting AND giving a gift to mom.  We have nine rocks that will be hidden in parks across the area from North Augusta to Evans.  Once a child finds one, he or she can redeem it for a choice between 9 pieces of jewelry.  The sooner you redeem the rock, the more that you get to choose from.  The items are all from Gabriel & Co and they range for $90-$250.  Those prices will not be on the items when the children choose because we want them pick a piece based on what they think mom will love, not a monetary value.  The rocks will need to be taken to Windsor at 2635 Washington Road for confirmation.  There is a secret code on the back of each rock we ask you not to share.

The rules are as follows:  Rocks can only be redeemed one per child, they must be 12 or under in age and it has to be redeemed by Saturday, May 13th.   This is not a promotion, there is no purchase needed and no incentive. We love our Mothers and we hope that our locals have a blast and spend some quality time together searching.

The hunt will began Saturday, May 6th at sunrise and if all of the stones are not found by mid week, we'll begin giving away hints at the locations.  This page will also be updated with which stones are left and what jewelry is still available.

Best of luck and thank you for letting us be your jeweler - Windsor Staff

The rocks to be found are below.

*Hint* as of Saturday 2pm - the 5 remaining rocks are located in Georgia.
*Hint* as of Saturday 3pm – the 3 remaining rocks are in Augusta (2) and Grovetown (1).
*Hint* as of Saturday 4pm – the last rock is in Grovetown.
*Final Hint* as of Saturday 6pm –This greenspace in Grovetown is name after a native american tribe.

Here's the jewelry from Gabriel & Co. and which pieces are still available.